Classroom Products and Performances
Next time you are stumped for a project consider a few of these ideas. Keep in mind there are certain products that will elicit more sophisticated products.
a letter to their parents or to the editor of the local paper
an ABC book illustrating something that is shared with lower grades
design a device to solve a problem (either picture or actual model)
docent led tours of 3D projects that students have created
a pamphlet
a story
a paper mache model
 concentration game with vocabulary
an email exchange about a certain topic
a poster or part of a bulletin board
a radio show
a play
a living museum
an Inspiration web detailing topics and details of steps or learned concepts
student developed questions for Jeopardy or other puzzles
a travel brochure detailing locations, landforms, travel and accommodations
a PowerPoint of a timeline, cycle, or alphabet book of vocabulary
an advertisement
a debate of issues
a speech
a mock trial
magazine, newspaper or TV article or editorial
illustrated cartoon strip
conduct, plan, give an interview
write, produce a newscast
book review
teach a lesson
a three dimensional display
timeline with most important event and why
a review activity in SMART Notebook to be shared through the shared folder
a "structured" class debate
classroom store  
a poem  
travel brochure
Your own or a classroom newsletter

. . . and 50 more . . .


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