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Installation/upgrade at home
What do you want to do?
  Uninstall 2003 and upgrade to 2007
- Easiest install to do by yourself
- Total installation time will be 30 - 40 minutes
  Keep 2003 and also upgrade to 2007
- Do you have enough memory to run both programs?
- Total installation time will be 20 minutes
  No thanks, I don't want to upgrade.
- It might be that you are concerned with the amount of space your computer has available.
- You might want to download a converter to use at home. This will allow you to open documents developed in Office 2007 when you are running Office 2003. Click the Download button, then click Run and let the program install itself.
  What about Mac users?
- Unfortunately, we will be unable to cover Office 2007 for Macs under our current district license agreement.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
How much space is needed to upgrade to Office 2007?
  If your computer runs Windows XP and has minimum specs, you will be fine to upgrade.  Specifically, this means if you have 512 megabyte (MB) of memory and 1 gigabyte (GB) of hard disk space.  This assumes your computer isn't running an extreme amount of other software.  You can find this information on your computer by right clicking My Computer and looking at the information on the General tab.  For more information, see Office 2007 installation guide.
Will Office 2007 open all my old files I have already developed and saved?
  Absolutely. Office 2007 will open anything you have already made in Microsoft 2003. Be aware that anyone you might share documents with that is using older versions than 2007 will not be able to open your documents.
When will we start using Office 2007 as a district?
  When you come back to your rooms/offices in the fall, your computer will have Office 2007 running on it. This also includes Outlook, which means we also will be changing our email program as well.
Basics of Word 2007
Now that you're using Microsoft Word 2007, do you remember...
  How to print or save
- Go to the Microsoft button, then Print or Save.
  How to format what I've typed (change font, size, bold, etc.)
- Highlight what you want formatted, click the Home tab, and use the formatting options.
  How to insert clipart
- Place the cursor in your document where you want clipart inserted. Go to Insert, Clipart and search like normal.
  How to format my clipart or picture
- Select the image. Notice the red Picture Tools and Format tab that has appeared in the ribbon? Click the Format tab for the options to format the image.
  These are just a few of the basics that were covered when we visited your building.
- What else would you like to see listed here? Email Colleen if you have an idea for an update.
- There are many other features that can be discovered here.
Do you want to try out other features in Microsoft Office 2007?
  The interactive tutorials. If you look at nothing else, be sure to see these! (On the interactive website, scroll about half way down the page and click "Start the Guide".)
- Interactive Word 2003 to Word 2007
- Interactive Excel 2003 - Excel 2007
- Interactive PowerPoint 2003 - 2007
  Do you still have the tutorial disk handed out in buildings? Refer to the disk for the most comprehensive tutorials.


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