Internet Help!
Can't get to the Internet? Try these steps - maybe one of them will help . . .
Check and make sure you are logged in. You can do this by click My Computer. Do you see your H drive? (The one that says "yourname on csd1/vol1/yourschool1 . . .)
Check Internet cable on back of CPU – are the little lights on by the cable? If not, jiggle the cable, make sure it’s pushed all the way in. Is the light on now? If so, can you now get to the Internet?


Go to Start, then Run, in the open box type “winipcfg” and click OK. An IP Configeration box should pop open with a lot of numbers. You need to click Release All and wait for the boxes to be empty or all zeros. Then click Renew All and wait for the boxes to fill back in with numbers.
Finally, open your browser (the Internet). Go to Tools, then Internet Options, click the Connecitons tab at the top of the window that opens, then click LAN Settings. In the window that pops up, both boxes under the Proxy Server heading should be checked. The address number should be (note the dots and no spaces) with 8080 as the port number.
Did any of that help? If not, call the tech department!


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