The tutorials on this page are to assist you in setting up Exam View for electronic testing in your classroom. Each tutorials will address steps in setting up and possible troubleshooting issues as well.
Summary of tutorial
  Installing Exam View This will show how to install Exam View on your computer for managing tests and how to install on student machines for electronic testing.
  Setting up your class After installing Exam View, set up your class/classes.
Importing students After the class is set up, importing students is the easiest way to quickly set up your classes.
Adding transfer students You know it's going to happen - a transfer student enters your class after all classes have been set up.
  Building a test Building the test using the databank of questions.
Assigning a test With the test developed, this will take you through steps to publish, share and assign the exam to your class.
  Students take the test This will explain how students log in and access the test
Results from tests What to do when the test is over

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