The tutorials on this page are to assist you in setting up your classroom's Pearson Successnet Online. Each of the tutorials is a short video addressing steps in setting up your account and using with your students.
Tutorial length
Summary of tutorial
Getting logged in to
Reminds you of website, username and how to change your password
Adding new students
How to add new students and setting a student account up for you to experiment with
Adding new classes
How to add new classes for tutoring, small groups, etc.
What's available (Leveled Readers, Take to Net, Texts)
An overview of online resources
Searching leveled readers
Overview of searching leveled readers
Assigning leveled readers
Assigning leveled readers to students or entire class
Assigning activities
(Manage assignments)
Explanation for assigning activities (other than leveled readers) and the management of those activities
Post Notices
Writing/posting notes to the entire class or a few students

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