Social Studies
Check out places on earth in "real time".  Great for writing projects, changes over time, animal observation, etc. (Elem, Mid, High)
Download interactive geography US maps and world maps. (Elem, MS)
Restore a prairie using biology, ecology and climatology. (Elem, MS)
Short films of noteworthy famous moments in early American history. (Elem, Mid, High)
You choose to place state on map with or without state outlines. A third option is placing the name of the state in the correct location. (Elem)
Explore American history through these collections and activities. (Elem, Mid, High)
Information and activities about US government specifically tailored for educators and students. (Elem, Mid, High)
Create a timeline - you won't be able to save it, but you can print it. (Elem, Mid, High)
Create timelines with various start and end dates for a listing of world wide events. (Middle, High)
 Need others?
Here are some other websites, but not all will be interactive.
Math sites
Free, downloadable application perfectly suited for whiteboard use in the classroom.
Audio and video explanations of algebra topics (upper elem, MS, HS)  
Interactive Java-based courseware for exploration in science and mathematics (Elem, MS, HS)
library of 90 online activities that help math come alive in the classroom or at home (Elem, MS, HS)
Videos answering math questions. (Elem, MS)  
Games for facts, multiples, painting fractions, etc. (Elem)
Develop your own numberline from ones to decimals (Elem, MS, HS)  
A variety of topics - all interactive! (Elem)  
A site developed for Everyday Math lessons - both for practice and teaching. (Elem)
A must with the SMART Board!  Interactive, virtual manipulatives from preK - 12. (Elem, Mid, High)
Base 10 blocks, pattern blocks, algebra tiles, Pythagorean Theorem, and figuring the value of pi. (Elem, Mid, High)
Illustrated math lessons including place value, weight/capacity, symmetry, among others. (Elem)
Rearrange symbols and numbers into number sentences - varying levels of difficulty. (Elem)
A board with expanded notation numbers and symbols for place value. (Elem)
An animated, interactive dictionary for students with over 500 math terms. (Elem, MS) 
Area, number lines, fractions, two more, sorting, among many others. (Elem)
Many interactive formulas and interactive descriptions. (HS)
Need others?
Here are other websites - not all are interactive.
Educational science entertainment about yucky things  new
Interactive math and science simulations  new
Open source planetarium software to showing a realistic sky in 3D  new
Making circuits work, conductors/insulators, switches and diagrams (Elem, MS)  
An interactive space site - build or interact with the planets. (Elem, MS?)  
Compound and Simple machines (Elem)   
A variety of topics - all interactive! (Elem)  
An interactive science site, especially good for upper levels. (MS, HS)
Take your class on a virtual field trip of the Human Body. (Elem, MS)
Great for adaptation discussion as you change head, body and tail of animals. (Elem)
Lab experiments with wedge and lever, ramp and pulley, and wheel and axle. (Elem)
Make a prediction of outcomes using neutralization strategies and litmus strips to test reactions. (MS, HS)
A"virtual microscope" type of site including plant/animal cells, mitosis and meiosis. (MS, HS)
A virtual dissection of a frog. (MS, HS)
A virtual dissection of a rat. (MS, HS)
Click on the hot spots for an explanation of systems, organs, muscles, etc. (Site has popup ads - don't install anything offered!) (Elem, Mid, High)
Virtual microscope of insects, botany, pond life. (Elem, MS, HS)
Mechanics, electrodynamics, optics among others. (MS, HS)
Click "The Virtual Cell Tour" to start. (MS, HS)
An interactive periodic table of elements. (MS, HS)
Need others?
Here are other websites - not all are interactive.
Communication Arts
A wide variety of sites and activities for the SMART Board  (Elem)
Use drop down menus to match site words with pictures. (Elem)  
Three interactive games - rhyming words, beginning sounds, naming objects belonging in certain places (ex. home)   (Elem)  
Phonics, vocab, comprehension and other activities (Elem) 
Variety of Pre-K through 3rd grade interactive activities (Elem)  
Wide variety of interactive English activities. (Elem)  
Interactive reading games, guided reading activities with other literacy activities (Elem)  
.pdf graphic organizer files, good for capturing! (Elem, MS)  
Encourage your kids to do some writing! (Elem)  
Magnetic poetry kits (Elem, Mid)  
A variety of topics - all interactive! (Elem)  
A collection of online interactive tools (such as Venns, plot maps, and timelines) supporting literacy in K-12 classrooms. (Elem, Mid, High)
A fun site with letters changing to animals - very primary but fun! (Elem)
Click and drag "magnetic" letters to practice spelling and word families. (Elem)
Click and drag words to form sentences and rhymes. (Elem)
Some spelling, characterization, journaling activities. (Elem)
A visual thesaurus where words are conceptually connected. (Be aware of "explicit" words - be sure to try it before showing your students!) (Elem, Mid, High)
Reading activities for the emergent through more advanced reader. (Elem)
Visual ideas for words to use instead of said. (Elem, MS)
Another option to said site, but this also highlights spoken word, then inserts punctuation! (Elem, MS)  
Proofreading topics including spelling, punctuation, format, etc. (Elem, MS)
Need others?
Here are other websites - not all are interactive.
Other topics
Activities around mixing and sorting colors  
A variety of subjects - all interactive (elem)  
Has ability to change instrument sounds. (Elem, Mid, High)
Download a premade PowerPoint ready for classroom use - math, science, social studies, art, language arts. (Elem, Mid, High)
Explore line, color, shape, balance among others. (Elem, MS)
Orchestra sections and activities. (Elem, MS)
Need others?
Here are other websites - not all are interactive.
Classroom Tools
Classroom Timers
An online timer, or
Cool Timer 1.5 to download, and
don't forget about the Cliplet timers (minutes and seconds) in SMART Ideas
MAP resources for everyone.  
Templates for teacher or student generated review games such as Hangman, Jeopardy, Millionaire, among others.

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