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Collections for the SMART Board developed for Center teachers.
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Life Cycle of a Frog
Steps labeled
Ancient Greece
A research diagram of Ancient Greece (adaptable for other countries as well)
Story map
A book map including characterization, theme, setting and conflict
Concept definition
A grid to define concepts by telling what it is, what it is like and giving an example
Energy sources
Defining energy sources and examples of energy from each source
A map for reviewing and defining polygons
Pros Cons
Given a problem, list pros and cons about choices to arrive at decision
Story Comparison
A map to compare different versions of the same story, movie and book, etc.
  A Story Map
A map for outlining the elements of a story - character, setting, vocabulary
  Linear Venn Diagram
Instead of using circles, this is a linear Venn Diagram
Transition words
Shows an idea for using scaffolding for writing
Number Equation
Given clipart pictures, arrange to make number sentence

Living and Non-living sort
Images to sort into categories of living and non-living
Living and Non-living web
Similar to the sorting template, except this one is linked as a web
North American Landforms
A map with landforms of North America and spaces for labeling each
Natural Resources
Resources are listed, spaces left for how each are used
Now and Long Ago
This graph compares difference between today and the past. Space left for additional ideas.
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
An idea for poetry intrepretation
Arguement Strategy Model
This is a SMART Ideas template for modeling a debate.
Essay Planning
This is a SMART Ideas template for planning an essay starting with thesis statement, supporting ideas and finally arriving at a conclusion.
  Family Tree
This is a SMART Ideas template for outlining a family tree
  Literary Narrative Analysis
This is a SMART Ideas template for analyzing a novel - plot, author, setting, etc.
Poetry Analysis
This is a SMART Ideas template for analyzing a poem - author, year, stanzas, etc.

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