Tech Tip #1 – Contact Information Tech Tip #2 - Copying Grades (Infinite Campus)
Tech Tip #3 - Deleting "red" students (Infinite Campus) Tech Tip #4 - Student Summary Reports (Infinite Campus) 
Tech Tip #5 - Posting grades (Infinite Campus) Tech Tip #6 - Access your H Drive from home 
Tech Tip #7 - Upgrading Notebook Tech Tip #8 - Download Notebook Activities 
Tech Tip #9 - Changing Internet Homepage Tech Tip #10 - Word - positioning clipart
Tech Tip #11 - Word - Default Font Tech Tip #12 - Word - Word Art 
Tech Tip #13 - Interactive Internet Sites  Tech Tip #14 - Programs Available for Checkout 
Tech Tip #15 - Making your SMART Board inactive Tech Tip #16 - No Sound? 
Tech Tip #17 - Backing up to H Drive Tech Tip #18 - Infinite Cloner (SMART Notebook) 
Tech Tip #19 - Notebook Split Screen (Notebook) Tech Tip #20 - Changing Physical Stylus Colors (Notebook)
Tech Tip #21 - Changing Menu Stylus Colors (Notebook) Tech Tip #22 - Linking in Notebook (Notebook)
Tech Tip #23 - Interactive and Multimedia Files (Notebook) Tech Tip #24 - Transparency Tool (Notebook) 
Tech Tip #25 - Scientific Notation; Sub- and Superscript (Notebook) Tech Tip #26 - Test Prep and Notebook (Notebook)
Tech Tip #27 - United Streaming Tech Tip #28 - Access from home 
Tech Tip #29 - Titan TV Tech Tip #30 - Recording Cable 
Tech Tip #31 - Copyright for Recorded Cable Tech Tip #32 - Formatting CD-RWs 
Tech Tip #33 - Burning Data to CDs Tech Tip #34 - Educational Video Uses
Tech Tip #35 - Back up your stuff! Tech Tip #36 - Packing up for the Summer! 

Tech Tip #1 – Contact Information

This week's Tech Tip is the contact information for the Technology Department.

Bruce Rehmer - 349-3451;
Contact Bruce with purchasing issues (soft- or hardware) or building applications (Plato, lunch system,etc.)
Jim Meckel - 349-3452;
Contact Jim with any Infinite Campus questions.
DeWayne Treff - 349-3418;
Contact DeWayne with network issues, name changes, or problems with your Groupwise or Novell accounts.
Seth Crain - 349-3334;
Contact Seth with any troubleshooting problem with your computer.
Colleen McLain - 349-3357;
Contact Colleen with SMART Board issues, training needs, or curriculum technology integration.
Tech Tip #2 – Copying Grades (Infinite Campus)

This Tech Tip will explain how to copy grades from class to class, quarter or semester. Here is an attachment to explain this with screen shots of the gradebook.
1. Create the assignment in the original class and save it.
2. Go to the Lesson Planner. The original class section should still be selected.
3. Select the group the assignment was created in. (The group will be what you named your folders - assessment, classwork, performance, etc.)
4. Click the Copy Group button.
5. Select the assignment or assignments you want to copy.
6. Then select the classes you want to copy to by using the plus sign to expand classes.
7. Finally scroll to the bottom of the page and click Copy Assignment to Selected Groups.

Tech Tip #3 – Deleting "Red" Students (Infinite Campus)

Have you noticed students in red on your class lists? These are students who the office has listed as dropped. There is a way to hide them. Expand your Admin folder and select Preferences. One of the options available is Hide Dropped Students. I believe you will need to do this for each hour, block or subject so none of your "red" students show.

Tech Tip #4 – Student Summary Reports (Infinite Campus)

This report generates a summary of assignments that have been assigned along with any scores that the student has received. The report can be run by expanding the Reports and selecting Student Summary. Once the Student Summary Report window is open, you will have several options for what to print. I would suggest selecting Show Assignment Detail. This will allow you to select exactly what you want printed on the summary report. Then select the student(s) you want a report generated for. Finally select Generate Report. This will open another window where you can print the final generated report.
Here is a guide (with pictures!) of how this can be done.

Tech Tip #5 – Posting Grades (Infinite Campus)

Elementary - All you need to do is open your gradebook, right click in the yellow column area and select Post Grades. Once you do this, you should see percents and letter grades in the green columns.
Middle and High School - Open your gradebook, right click in the yellow column area, select Post Grades to other task, and select Q1 Progress. Once you do this, you will see these posted grades under Q1 Progress of the tasks drop down menu. (Want to see these grades in the green columns? Just right click on the yellow column again, but this time, select Post Grades. Now you will see the posted grades in the green columns.)
Everyone - Still need to change grades? Select Grading By Task then the Q1 Quarter task. This opens a window where you can type in percentage grades, a score and comments for each students’ overall subject grade. (The comment will print right below the overall grade on the mid-term report and is individualized for each student.)

Need a visual tutorial? Go to and look under #5 Posting Grades. Click on your school level for directions with arrows showing exactly where to click!

Tech Tip #6 – Access your H Drive from home!

All you need to do is go to, click on the HDrive Access Here link, and enter your Novell user name and password. This will be the password you use when you log onto your computer every morning.

Once your remote H Drive is open, double click the HDrive@Center folder. This will open your H Drive - you'll notice all your document and folders. When you are ready to open a document double click it. You will need to either save it immediately or just select open. Keep in mind that in order for the document to open, the program associated with the file must be running on your computer at home. For example, if you open a Notebook file, your home computer must have SMART Notebook installed on it.

After changes have been made to the opened document, you will need to upload the document back to your H Drive to access to it when you return to school. Go to File, Upload, browse for the document, click Open, then Upload. This will send the updated document back to your H Drive ready for use within the district!

Here is a visual tutorial if you are needing more help...

Tech Tip #7– Upgrading Notebook

Have you checked out the newest version of Notebook 9.5? This tip will explain how to uninstall your current version and then install SMART Notebook 9.5 and the Galleries. It is highly recommended you do upgrade! This newest version has many updated features including:
- animated files
- videos and famous speeches, such as Martin Luther King, Jr's I Have a Dream speech and space walks
- updated full screen view (with no menus!)
- an infinite cloner for objects including text
- a split view of two Notebook pages at once
- a creative stylus design

The directions for the installation. . . .
1. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel. Then select Add or Remove Programs.
2. From the list that is generated, scroll down and select SMART Board Software then click Remove.
3. Follow and agree to all the steps to remove the program.

4. Now, reinstall SMART Notebook 9.0 by opening My Computer, Vol2 on Center3, Teacher Resources folder.
5. Double click the icon next to SMARTBoardSetup95.exe. The program will automatically install itself. You just need to agree to everything to install Notebook.
6. When it gets to the window asking if you want to install all the galleries, CANCEL it. If the Teacher Resources folder is still open, double click the Essential10CDImage icon. This is the icon that will install all the clipart. It will open a window asking which of the clipart categories you want to install. The very first option is to install all galleries. Select that box. Install agreeing to everything.

Here is a visual tutorial if you are needing more help...

Tech Tip #8 – Download Notebook Activities

This week's Tech Tip will help you with time saving ideas! Download premade and interactive activities for your SMART Board.
Notebook Software Lessons - These activities are fully developed lessons from K-12. Search lessons by grade level and subject.

Number Cruncher - A factual computation activity with skills ranging from simple addition and subtraction to multiplication and division with decimals.

Speller - Prompts students to spell basic words on the SMART Board.

Finale Transforms your musical ideas into printed staffs and notes, and even plays your compositions.

Brain Pop - SMART offers five Brain Pop videos for free - Basic Probability, Bill of Rights, Computer Viruses, Humidity, and Similes and Metaphors. Also be sure to check out Brain Pop's Video of the Day at

Tech Tip #9 – Changing Internet Homepage

Is there a website that you visit frequently? Or do you want your classroom website displayed when opening the Internet? (The Internet homepage is the webpage that is displayed when you launch Internet Explorer.) To do this, go to the desired website, click the Tools menu, then select Internet Options. This will open a window where you will see the home page options. Select the Use Current option and your Internet homepage will now be this new website.  

Tech Tip #10 – Word - positioning clipart

Have you ever inserted a piece of clipart and it doesn't move to the location on the page you want it? This has to do with the text wrapping feature of the piece of clipart. It's easy to get around. Just double click the picture and a Format Picture window opens. Select the Layout tab, then select Square. Your clipart will now have white handles to resize the image and you will be able to move the picture wherever you want!

Tech Tip #11 – Word - Default Font

Do you like to use font other than the default Times New Roman in Word? There is an easy way to set your own default font, size and format so you don't have to change it every time you put together a document. The steps are simple - open Word, go to Format, then Font. This will open the Font window. In this window select the font, style, and size. Once everything is selected the way you want your default font to appear, click the Default button in the lower left hand corner of the window. Now every time you open Word and start to type, your own default text appears. Give it a try - it's easy and a time saver in the long run!  

Tech Tip #12 – Word - Word Art

Want to spice up your documents? Try adding Word Art for a different effect! Open your Microsoft Word, go to Insert, Picture, then Word Art. When the Word Art window opens, select the style of art, enter your text, select a size and click OK. When your Word Art is inserted into your document, there will be several editing options available. The white handles (circles) will make the Word Art larger or smaller, the green dot will rotate it and the yellow arrowhead will change the style to make it more italicized. It's a very easy tool to use and will enhance the look of your document!

Tech Tip #13 – Interactive Internet Sites (great for SMART Board use!)

I've compiled a list of interactive websites for use with the SMART Boards. Some of the sites included are graphic organizers, manipulatives, "magnetic" numbers and poetry, virtual cell and dissection, and Earthcams. You can find these resources and more at

Tech Tip #14 - Programs Available for Checkout

You can check out a Microsoft disk from your librarian and take it home to install Microsoft Office 2003 on your home computer. Great idea for updating to 2003 at home or to get Microsoft Publisher if you working on a Publisher classroom website! Also available is SMART Ideas, the concept mapping program available in all classrooms and several labs in the district. SMART has a free download of Notebook at for home use as well.

Tech Tip #15 - Making your SMART Board inactive

Sometimes when the projector is off, but kids keep "accidentally" hitting the board causing your mouse to bounce all over the monitor as you are working on something, you might want to make your SMART Board inactive. To do this, open the SMART Board Control Panel from the System Tool Tray (by the time in the right hand lower corner). Select SMART Board Settings. About three-fourths down the window that opens, there is an option to select the Non-Projected Whiteboard Mode. You’ll get a message asking if you are sure you are wanting to do this. Click Yes if you are sure you want to inactivate the board.  To reverse this, go through all steps again but this time select Projected Mouse Mode to activate the board again.

Tech Tip #16 - No Sound?

No sound when watching United Streaming
1. Make sure nothing is muted. Check the speaker by using the remote. You will need to stand directly in front of the speaker - the remote won't be sensed if you stand to the side of the speaker.
2. Then check the volume on your computer. Click the speaker icon in the system tool tray found by the time in the lower right hand corner of the monitor. Make sure the mute box isn't checked and the volume is turned up.
No sound when watching Ultra TV
There is a solution to this, but the short answer here is you are probably missing a cord . . . 
No sound when watch a DVD
All DVDs must be played using PowerDVD!! So if you are using some other program (Window Media Player) you won't have sound.

Tech Tip #17 - Backing up to your H Drive

With the year half over, now might be a good time to back everything up to your H Drive - hint, hint!! :) This is very easy and really won't take very long to complete. Here's what you need to do:
1. Open your My Documents
2. Go to Edit, Select All
3. Then go to Edit, Copy
4. Open your H Drive (your H Drive is in your My Computer. It is the drive that is your first inital last name.)
5. In your H Drive, go to Edit Paste.

Tech Tip #18 - Infinite Cloner (SMART Notebook)

The next several Tech Tips will relate directly to SMART Notebook version 9.5. If you have not updated to this version, go to for directions on what to do - or please call me (3357) and I'd be glad to help you!
The first new feature I'll address is the Infinite Cloner. Infinite Cloner gives you the ability to make multiple copies of a single object or groups of objects.
To infinitely clone an object, insert the desired object into Notebook. Click once on the object to select it, click the drop down arrow to access the object's menu, and select infinite cloner. Now when you click and drag the object, it will make a cloned image of your original. To undo this feature, select the infinitely cloned object. You will see an infinity symbol in the upper right hand corner. Click that symbol and uncheck Infinite Cloner.
More SMART Notebook ideas can be found in your My Computer, Vol2 on Center3, Teacher Resources folder, SMART Notebook ideas folder.

Tech Tip #19 - Notebook Split Screen

The next several Tech Tips will relate directly to SMART Notebook version 9.5. If you have not updated to this version, go to for directions on what to do - or please call me (3357) and I'd be glad to help you!
The next Notebook feature we'll look at is the split screen view. Ever wanted to view two screens at once on the SMART Board? Here's how to do just that! Go to View, Zoom, Dual Page Display. Now two pages are seen. You can annotate on either page or drop and drag clipart, phrases or other pictures between the two pages as well.

Tech Tip #20 - Changing SMART Board Stylus Colors

You have the option of changing the stylus colors associated with your SMART Board. Here are the steps to do that:
1. Open the SMART Board Control Panel
2. Select Pen and Button Settings
3. Select the color of stylus you want to change
4. Select the line color, thickness and transparentness if changing a stylus to a highlighter. Click OK.
5. Continue changing stylus colors in this manner until you have the stylus colors or highlighters you want
More SMART Notebook ideas can be found in your My Computer, Vol2 on Center3, Teacher Resources folder, SMART Notebook ideas folder.

Tech Tip #21 - Changing SMART Board Drop Down Menu Colors

Last week we looked at changing the physical colors of the stylus. This week will look at even more color options - the colors on the drop down menu. This option is a separate option from the physical stylus colors! Here's what you need to do to change these colors:
1. Click the drop down arrow of the Pens and Highlighters menu in Notebook.
2. Select Customize Pens and Highlighters.
3. Select the line color, line thickness, line style and transparentness, if desired. Click OK.
4. Now you will have additional stylus colors as these options are different from your stylus colors.
One usage note - because these are in the Pens and Highlighter menu, you will need to click the drop down menu, select your color, then write with your finger. This is because these menu options are separate from the physical styluses.

Tech Tip #22 - Linking in SMART Notebook

You have always been able to link to a website in SMART Notebook, but with version 9.5, you now have the option of linking to documents saved on your computer or linking to other pages in your Notebook document.
This file can be found in your My Computer, Vol2 on Center3, Teacher Resources folder, SMART Notebook ideas folder, What's New folder, then Linking.

Tech Tip #23 - Interactive and Multimedia Files

This week's tip is to remind you of all the flash and interactive files available through your Notebook Gallery. When looking through your gallery, these are the files that are categorized as the Interactive and Multimedia files. There are many interactive files including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech, space walks, cell divisions, virtual frog dissection, manipulating hyperbolas, and a fraction/decimal/percent chart. There are many others!

Tech Tip #24 - Transparency Tool

A few weeks ago we discussed the option of turning a stylus into a highlighter. This week we will look at other ideas for using transparent tools. By making a shape, filling it with a color, and making it transparent, you could have your own highlighting tape, counters for hundreds charts, or other objects for labeling and identifying numbers, parts of speech, sight/vocabulary words, etc.
A sample of this file can be found in your My Computer, Vol2 on Center3, Teacher Resources folder, SMART Notebook ideas folder, What's New folder, then transparency.

Tech Tip #25 - Scientific Notation and Sub- and Superscript options

Another new feature with Notebook 9.5 is the scientific notation and subscript and superscript options. This is a great enhancement for using powers, square roots, sets and many others! These are options that work in Notebook once a text box is active. To do this, either enter a text box or just start typing! You'll notice a Font window open. On the far right of this box you'll notice the notation and script options. To activate these options, just click the icon and a menu of options will open. Select the desired option and then just continue typing and entering data.  
A sample of this file can be found in your My Computer, Vol2 on Center3, Teacher Resources folder, SMART Notebook ideas folder, What's New folder, then notation.

Tech Tip #26 - Test Prep and Notebook

As we all prepare for the MAP, I wanted to send a tip that might help with the review. There are several ways I was thinking Notebook could help, but one of the most powerful would be to capture files into Notebook. One reason to do this is to make your copy of the document interactive. This way when you work and scroll through problems, work you've done has not been erased.
Here is the easiest way to capture a document. First open Notebook. Then open the document (or find the website on the Internet) and go to File, then Print. In the name field of the printer window, click the drop down menu and select SMART Notebook Print Capture, then Print. Essentially what this does is take a picture of the document and put in Notebook, so this document will not be editable in Notebook. Now you'll be able to annotate in Notebook.
Sample sites to try this might be
- (MAP released items)
- (elementary graphic organizers)
- (secondary graphic organizers)

Tech Tip #27 - United Streaming

Have you been using your United Streaming account? United Streaming is an online educational video streaming subscription the district has purchased. Videos are set up in segments, so even after you have found a suitable video through searching, you can determine which segments to view in your classroom - a great time saver especially when you don't have a full 30 minutes to an hour to view a video! Video segments can be as short as 2 minutes and as long as the entire video if you choose to play the whole thing.
When viewing United Streaming videos, it's probably best just to stream the video. This can be done my clicking the play button once you have search for and found a video. If you are downloading to save for a later date, remember to always download videos to your My Documents - not your H Drive.
Haven't been using United Streaming? Or didn't know we had access to this? Email Colleen to set up an account. The videos can truly enhance your classroom curriculum.
Already using United Streaming? Consider doing this - using the controls in media player pause on your SMART Board, have students summarize segments, answer essential or comprehension questions, or give students a guideline of what to listen/watch for during the video. In addition, most videos have a Related Materials tab with graphic organizers, handout and discussion ideas. One last tip - leave the lights on when viewing the video. This will help the classroom atmosphere maintain an educational feel rather than an entertainment feel with the lights off.

Tech Tip #28 - Access from Home

Don't think I am trying to encourage work over Spring Break, but this week I wanted to give a webpage that has links to everything you can access from home - your H Drive, Infinite Campus, Acuity, etc. You can find all this and ideas for troubleshooting if you're having problems with these at This can also be access from the home page of the EdTech website as well.

Tech Tip #29 - Titan TV

The next few tech tips will be about recording from your classroom cable connection. This week we'll look at setting up an account to view an online TV listings. You might have already set up an account. If so, go to and you will be able to view the listings. Be sure you are viewing the cable options. You will be able to select cable using the tabs at the top of the grid of listings.

If you don't have an account and need to set one up, it's very easy!
1. Go to and click the Sign Up link in the blue title bar.
2. To register your account, there will be five categories to fill in but the only asterisked fields are required.
- First category is your name, email, log in name and password.
- Second, enter your zip code.
- Third, under PVR/Tuner Type select UltraTVT PCI 300.
- The fourth category is a privacy and contact category - decide what you do or don't want sent to you.
- And finally, agree to the terms of service.
3. Once you sign up, the next screen will prompt you to choose a provider. The only box you want checked is Cable. Then click the drop down menu next to the Cable box you just checked and select Time Warner Cable - Kansas City Central - Basic. Finally click Set providers and begin using Titan TV. 
Tech Tip #30 - Recording Cable
When you view Titan TV, it would appear you can record straight from the listings, however you can't! To record, follow these steps:
1. Use Titan TV to find the date and time of the program you would like to record.
2. Open Ultra TV.
3. In the lower right hand corner of the remote is the scheduler. It is the longer bar that has the round timer. Click the scheduler.
4. This opens a Scheduler spreadsheet. On this window, click Add.
5. In the Task Setting window, set the channel, date and time. Note that the time is military time! (I would suggest keeping the Date & Time option selected rather than changing to Daily or Weekly. If you forget you are recording something daily or weekly, your computer will start to run very slowly!) Click Next.
6. In the Record Format window, keep everything the same and click Next.
7. In the Record Storage window, there are three things to note.
- Disk Information - if your free space is getting close to 5 GB, it's time to clean up (delete) some of your recordings!
- Indicate the length of the program - 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc.
- Finally, click the button with the three dots to navigate to a location to save your recording. DO NOT SAVE YOUR RECORDINGS TO YOUR H DRIVE!! There is a folder in your My Documents called My Videos which is our recommended location to save your recordings.
Once you know how to record your own programming, you can record your own PBS, History Channel, The Learning Channel, Court TV, etc.
Tech Tip #31 - Copyright with Cable Recordings
We are fortunate with the amount of classroom technology available in Center. However, part of this fortune is using the technology in a responsibly, educationally sound manner. Last week's tip explained how to record cable programs. We wanted to make sure we also got out copyright issues around recorded cable.
The rule of thumb: delete the recording from your hard drive 14 days after recording took place!
What does this look like in classrooms?
  Broadcasts should be used for instructional purposes.
What should NOT be happening:
Broadcasts should not be used for rewards, time fillers (recess), or parties.
Broadcasts should not be burned to other formats - discs, flash drives, or any other type of media storage.
Tech Tip #32 - Formatting Discs, specifically CD-RWs

One of the programs on your desktop is Nero StartSmart, the icon with the flame. Nero will allow you to not only burn, but format your CD-RWs. An RW is a ReWritable disc, so you will be able to use it over and over once it is formatted. So, here's how to format:

1. Open Nero StartSmart software and choose data then Format/Prepare Rewritable Disc. (*** Note here that if you are formatting a DVD, there is a DVD tab in the upper right hand corner of this window that must be selected! ***)
2. On the Format D window, give your disc a label (title) and click the Start button.
3. Formatting will take 15 to 20 minutes. You can minimize and work on something else or start this process right before you leave for the evening.
4. You are now ready to use the CD-RW like any hard drive or floppy disc where you can copy and paste files or save directly to it.
Tech Tip #33 - Burning to CDs

Last week we reviewed formatting CDs. This week we'll take a look at burning to your CDs. You computer will burn CD-R (recordable one time disc), CD-RW (recordable disc which can be reused), DVD-R and DVD-RW. Note that there is a difference between -R and +R with DVD. Your computer will only work with -R!

1. Open Nero StartSmart software. Choose data then Make Data Disk. (*** Note here that if you are burning to a DVD, there is a DVD tab in the upper right hand corner of this window that must be selected! ***)
2. In the Disc Content window, click the Add button and browse to the location where your saved document is located.
3. Select the folder or document and click Add. Continue adding in this manner until all files have been added.
4. Once all documents have been added, click Finish.
5. At this point you'll be able to see the list of folders/documents about to be burned. Click Next.
6. In the Final Burn Settings window, you can give your disc a name. Then click Burn.
7. You'll see a window with the burning process. When the process is complete, a window will open, just click OK.
Tech Tip #34 - Educational Video Uses

As we get to the time of the year when things are winding down, it's all too easy to let the technology in your room take over your instruction. Here are a few ideas for integrating video into your end of the year plans . . .

1. Keep lights on while watching United Streaming - makes for a more "educational" setting rather than an "entertainment" setting
2. Give students a list of questions to be listening for
3. Pause or freeze the frame to discuss segments
4. Watch just the clip or segment that enhances your lesson - not the entire video
5. Use video streaming to differentiate your instruction
6. Capture a portion of the video and insert it into a PowerPoint or other part of your lesson
7. Use captured images from your video to reference content without wading back through the video
8. Finally, don't forget about copyright issues of showing movies - all movies should only be shown for an educational purpose! It is a violation of copyright laws to show a movie for reward, parties or other celebrations. See for other copyright issues.
The more powerful that technology becomes, the more indispensable good teachers are. Michael Fullan (2002)
Tech Tip #35 - Back up your stuff!!

As summer break approaches, it's very important that everyone backs up their documents! The technology department is going to reimage computers this summer, which means everything NOT on your H Drive will be lost in the formatting. Here's what you need to do to back up to your H Drive:

1. Open your My Documents. Go to Edit, then Select All. This will highlight every document and folder.
2. With everything highlighted, go to Edit, Copy.
3. Open your H Drive. (Your H Drive is located in your My Computer, then the drive with your first initial last name.)
4. Go to Edit, Paste.
5. Close all folders.
  These steps assume you save to your My Documents. If you have documents on your desktop, you will need to copy those and save them to your H Drive as well. Start making it a habit to save ALL documents to your H Drive!
Tech Tip #36 - Packing up for the Summer!

As you are preparing to check out of your rooms, here's a small technology checklist . . .

1. Please do not move anything! As previously mentioned, computers are associated with classrooms, not teachers.
2. Locate your speaker and projector remotes. Place them, along with the SMART Board styluses and eraser, into your grey bag. (Of course, if you room is being used for summer school, please keep these supplies out.)
3. If you would like to clean your SMART Board, you may do so with water on a soft cloth. The pen tray can be wiped down with water on a soft cloth as well. If it's really dirty, you may use Expo Dry Erase Cleanser sprayed onto a soft cloth and wipe the board down that way. Either way, be sure to log off so the wiping doesn't scramble your desktop icons.
4. Back up all your documents and favorites to your H Drive. Please contact the technology department if you have any questions about this!
5. Finally, you do have access to several resources from home you might want to access at some point this summer - not that we are encouraging it!! :) Find more at


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