SMART Board Resources

Download Lessons
Templates for the SMART Board categorized by grade level
Lesson ideas for SMART Idea use
Several additional collections to add to your computer's SMART Notebook gallery
Search and download SMART Notebook pre-made lessons
Search and download SMART Ideas pre-made lessons
Elementary resources from the UK
Curricular downloadable lessons and quick tutorials
Download interactive lessons from Wichita Public Schools
Interactive Internet sites
Several curricular areas where grade level has been indicated.
More interactive sites for your SMART Board - clocks, number grids, number lines, The Decifractator for decimals and fractions
Tools for numeracy strategies - fractions, number lines, symmetry, thermometer, etc.
Math, Literacy, Science and other subject categories for interactive use with the SMART Board
These are more of an explanation of objectives rather than interactive activities or "shows".  Great explanations and pictures.
A collection of math manipulatives for SMART Board use.
Online student graphic organizers, Venn diagrams, timelines, plot structures, etc.

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