Constructivist Lessons
How can classroom instruction demonstrate constructivist principles?

Your task
Develop a lesson for an upcoming unit with constructivist principles integrated. Use the following suggestions and resources for starting to plan your lesson.

What GLEs and DOK will be addressed?
Missouri GLEs
DOK Levels
Bloom's Taxonomy 

Integrate Standards and Constructivist Principles
National Educational Technology Standards
Constructivist Principles
Missouri GLEs
Overall lesson ideas
How will students show a mastery of standards/GLEs?
Project Ideas
Rubistar (rubric) assessment
How will you address the 5Es?
Some of our 5E ideas
Inquiry Based learning ideas
What observable attributes of the lesson would make it a constructivist lesson?
Constructivist Principles
Our ideas . . .
What kind of technology will be integrated?
The "Center" stuff . . .
SMART Boards templates, collections and other resources
United Streaming streaming video for capturing, video segments
Video . . . just a current idea for Center! (Do you recognize the Evaluate, Persuade, Summarize and Support kids?)
And the "cool" stuff . . .
4Teachers Rubistar, PBL Checklist, Project Poster and many others
NiceNet an online virtual classroom allowing collaborations and electronic file sharing
Blogs an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer
Gaggle free online email accounts
Google Earth Want to go on a virtual field trip? What better way to see the "Earth"! 
Google Sketch Up Create 3-D models 
Shodor Math Applets Interactive activities and instructional applets - it's an incredible site!

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