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How did the Pony Express impact history?

  Who survives in an ecosystem?
  Why was the Louisiana Purchase important in Missouri History?
  How might the Native Americans of the past have influenced your life today?
  How do Famous Missourians have an impact on us today?
  How do maps help us?
  How does the way that someone looks affect the way that you treat them?
  Why do we have unemployment in our country?
  What can be done to protect deer in the city?
  How do a person's choices affect their life? (Tuck Everlasting)
  How do you feel about having to pay taxes, such as sales taxes, income taxes, and personal property taxes?
  What's the "Matter" in baseball? (thinking about volume of a solid)
  How can diverse living organisms be organized?
  How does a healthful diet vary by individual or culture?
  Which of the 3 branches of government is the most important?
  What impact do infectious diseases such as bird flu have on individuals and a community such as ours?
  Why is it important to have a variety of people on an expedition or journey?
  What would life be like today if the colonists had never decided to take a stand and declare their independence from England?
  Which explorer or conqueror had the biggest impact on North American History?
  If you were a spy in the Revolutionary War, how would you carry out your mission?
  How can we make our school more usable for students with vision difficulties?
  Which branch of the government is most needed in the running of our country?
  What would the world be like if we were all the same? Liked the same food? Same favorite color? Spoke the same language? Celebrated the same holidays?
  Can we ever run out of space for people and things to live in?
  How can one person make a difference? (this one is my favorite!)
  What does it mean to be a good friend?
  What specific resources were important to the culture of the Egyptian people? Why?
  If you were a Native American before the 1700s, would you welcome the "white man?"
  How does our energy use now affect our lives in the future?
  How do the urban, suburban and rural communities affect where you live?
  Why do you think the colonists had a right or good reason to write the Declaration of Independence and fight in the Revolutionary War?
  How would we tell time if calendars and clocks had never been invented?
  Could we survive on other planets if Earth was destroyed?
  How can data be used to solve problems?
  Why do people do bad things when they know it is wrong?
  What is the purpose of polygons in our world?

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