Student Accountability
How can you keep students accountable for their individual work when working in cooperative groups? Here are a few ideas:

One way that I help keep all students accountable is to have them use different colors of markers. This is especially effective when we are collectively practicing one particular skill (like multi-step problems). Every child works the problem on a large piece of paper (one child per corner). They then discuss the method and decide which is correct and put it in the center. This is also very useful for brainstorming and for checking for concept attainment. By looking at the work, I can tell that all students have worked on the problem, who got how far, and who needs more help.
Pat Condray
St. James Middle School

Keep a log of the day's work. This helps keep students on task and keeping to a timeline.
Center teachers
Require the group to self-check at the end of each session/day. Then make a plan for the following day's goals - either with time, work, or roles.
Center teachers
Require each student in the group to turn something in - a journal entry, part of the group's work, notes/work from the day, etc.
Center teachers


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