Inquiry-Based Learning Ideas
The eMINTS teachers came up with project and lesson ideas for each section of an Inquiry-Based Lesson. Here are a few of our ideas:
Essential Question
  Refer to throughout unit   Guides your lesson  
  Subsidiary questions are developed from essential question  requires anaylsis and higher level of thinking
No one correct answer
Bloom's Taxonomy of questioning, ask higher ordered thinking questions
  A question that extends over many days before fully reaching some sort of conclusion Broad questions
Developing from kids' questions
  discussion   read alouds  
  journal entries writing from different perspectives
  back ground knowledge conversations to develop knowledge
  listing attributes of studied object then group by attributes; manipulatives experiments
  real world relation virtual field trips or pictures in a PowerPoint
brainstorming or KWLs
United Streaming or Chalkwaves videos
  take a side, reach consensus   Bloom’s/DOK Questions
  WebQuests Researching using a variety of resources (Internet, text books, library books, encyclopedias, etc.)
  Interviews Scaffolding tools including graphic organizers, Inspiration, note taking strategies, info matrix
  Working with group carrying out roles or jobs within group Cross curricular
  Student involvement in proess of completion of project, evaluation Students learning from each other, listening and sharing ideas as community
  Actual trial and error with a follow up of modifications made to retry, requestion, reevaluate, etc.  
Culminating Activity
  Class debate, trial Timelines with comparing dates
  Creation of real world project or something that could actually be used Student or Class Webpage
  Letter, journal entries, poem, pamphlet Song
  Plan a lesson to teach to another groups or grade level Many other ideas . . .
  Rubrics Scoring guides
  Student/Teacher Conferences Journals
  Performance events Authentic events
Standardized tests
Peer evaluations

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