Resources for Inquiry Methods
Our ideas for purposely structuring WebQuests 
  Ideas from trainings about the kind of structure WebQuests might need.
Student Roles for Groups 
  A list of ideas for student roles for group/cooperative work.
Student Accountability  
  A list of ideas for holding students accountable in group and cooperative work.
Developing a Constructivist Lesson 
  A list of steps for putting together a constructivist lesson starting with the standards and ending with what kind of technology will be integrated.
Inquiry Lesson Ideas
  A list of ideas for each section of an Inquiry Based Lesson. Teacher developed these during a cluster meeting.
Project Ideas
  Along with the inquiry ideas mentioned above, this is a list of student project ideas.
Our 5E Ideas  
  A list of ideas for use with the 5E lesson plan.
Essential Questions
  Only the beginning of a list of website resources with pre-developed Essential Questions.
Kid Friendly Sites
  Only the beginning of a list of website resources that are kid-friendly (maybe 2nd grade and above.)
Shared Resources
  A compiled list of websites shared during eMINTS trainings.
Summer Reading Sites
  A collection of the Nonfiction and Personal Narrative sites found and discussed during our summer training sessions.
Other Classroom Resources
Reading ideas  
  Reading ideas from the eMINTS discussion
City, State, Country, Continent ideas  
  Ideas from the eMINTS discussion list in teaching city, state, country, continent.
Classroom Reflection ideas  
  A list of ideas from eMINTS teachers about classroom reflection
American Revolution WebQuest Alternatives  
  A list of ideas, rather than doing a WebQuest, for the American Revolution
What to do with the "early finishers"  
  A list of management ideas recommended by eMINTS teachers.
Government Resources
  A list of government resources (mostly WebQuests) recommended by eMINTS teachers.
Our recommended WebQuests
  A list of WebQuests Center teachers have tried and recommended.
Missing Work solutions
  Ideas from eMINTS teachers of how they address classroom missing work.
Classroom Resources
  Various classroom resources, including Black History, Women's History and Read Across America Day Resources.
Center's eMINTS teachers
  Our Center eMINTS teachers, their email addresses and classroom websites.

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