Reading sites from summer trainings . . .

Here is a list of the sites we found and shared that have been saved to the eMINTS folder.
Leveling Books - Scholastic Reading Counts e-catelog - Beavton Leveled Books Database - Search by Title, Author or ISBN - Lexile framework for reading
Non Fiction - Balanced Literacy Sites - GLC Find it the Easy Way - Grammer Blast - Fact Finding Frenzy - Organizational features of non-fiction - Research Building Blocks: Hints about Print - Comprehending Nonfiction Text on the Web - Section Headings Support Expository Texts - PowerProofreading - Prereading and beyond - Reading Strategies with Lesson Plans - 5 Day plan for nonfiction - Developing a Living Definition of Reading
Personal Narrative - Essential Question - Graphic Map from Read Write Think - LA and SS activities - Narrative Writing Tutorial - Personal Narrative information - PN assignment topics - Lindsay's Writerly Life WebQuest - PN graphic organizer - PN of famous Missourian - PN organizer - student samples of PN - prewriting exercises for PN - slave narrative - Tar Beach - Better Writing? Better Questions!,19900,606653,00.html - PN from TFK - timeline for PN development - tips for writing PN,1607,7-155-10702-39206--,00.html - unit plan for PN
- PN novels - picture books to teach narratives


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June 16, 2005

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