Alternatives to American Revolution War WebQuests

A few recommended WebQuest alternatives from eMINTS teachers

How about having the kids learn about the historical figures and dress up as them and share what they've learned. Or create a model of a monument or symbol. Next week my kids are going to research the symbols on monuments and then they'll choose one to write about (synthesize their information) in an alpha antics poem.
  How about having your kids research the important figures of the time period and then conduct interviews or hold discussions with each other. Students actually "become" the figure they researched answering questions as if they were that particular person in history - how they actually would answer, what their view would be, stands they took, conversations they would have had, etc.
  After studying the symbols, have your kids develop their own symbol applying symbolic meaning, colors, icons, reason for the symbol, national importance, etc.
  Have each group draw a symbol using Microsoft Paint. Then have them take the picture and paste it into a short report about the importance of the symbol using Word. Then glue the finished works onto a large piece of bulletin board paper to put on display.
  There is a wonderful resource from the National Park Service and National Register of Historic Places called "Teaching with Historic Places" ( ). You can search their lesson plans, I found the following lesson about the Liberty Bell under Colonial/Revolutionary in the Time Periods section.
The Liberty Bell: From Obscurity to Icon

You might also be interested in Digital History: . It's a very interesting site with useful information.
  PBS also has an interesting site about the American Revolution called Libery: The American Revolution:

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