Handheld Tip #1 - Angles Handheld Tip #2 - Fraction bundle
Handheld Tip #3 - Matching Hearts Handheld Tip #4 - Pentominoes and Tan Free 
Handheld Tip #5 - Matches Handheld Tip #6 - My Checkbook
Handheld Tip #7 - Podcasting Handheld Tip #8 - 8 Queens 
Handheld Tip #9 - Coconut Fern Handheld Tip #10 - FreeJongg
Handheld Tip #11 - Swivel and Beam (Instructional Strategy) Handheld Tip #12 - Divide and Conquer (Instructional Strategy)

Handheld Tip #1 – Angles

Angles takes you through quizzes where you have to guess the measurement of the shown angle. Here is the file. You should be able to just double click the attached application and it will go directly into your Quick Installer. Then just sync your handheld.

Handheld Tip #2 – Fraction bundle

Here is a fraction bundle including LcmGcf, MathAce, MixedUp, PowerPlay and Simplify. I think we have already seen most of these with the exception of PowerPlay - which is a program about exponents. I thought this would be a good review with all of them bundled together. Here is the link for downloading the entire bundle.

Handheld Tip #3 – Matching Hearts

Matching Hearts is a fun game for Valentine's Day, but watch out! It's addictive! The goal is to clear the board of all the hearts where groups of vertical or horizontal touching hearts can be removed. Here is the site to download the application.

Handheld Tip #4 – Pentominoes and Tan Free

These are the classic Pentominoes and Tangram applications. Pentominoes will give you a background outline of various sizes of rectangles. The idea is to fit all pentominoes into the outline with no overlapping edges. Tan Free is a similar application where you are given a silhouette to fill with the tangram pieces. Great for visual problem solving!
The download for pentominoes can be found here.
Tan Free has two applications to install. Both are part of the download.

Handheld Tip #5 – Matches

Matches is another problem solving game where you start with 25 matches. You alternate turns with the computer to remove 1, 2 or 3 matches at a time. The player with the last match loses the game.
The download can be found at http://www.aldweb.com/articles.php?lng=en&pg=16

Handheld Tip #6 – My Checkbook

Here's a great program for keeping track of "payments" or "tickets" for classroom payments. My Checkbook is a very simple checkbook program where students enter payments and deposits in keeping track of daily payments or tickets for behavior, homework, or other rewards/consequences. Potentially this has applications leading into economics, savings versus spending, keeping a budget, etc. The link to download this application is at http://www.tucows.com/start_dl/278564_104200_9448/dlp/

Handheld Tip #7 – Podcasting

No - not to make your own . . . yet!! :) And, no, you don't need an iPod!
This site I'm giving this week is Tony Vincent's and Mike Curtis's Soft Reset Podcast. We already know who these guys are, but together they have developed a monthly podcast around handheld issues. Now, not that you are looking for anymore, but this is great professional development! Most of their regular episodes are around 30 minutes long. When you go to http://www.learninginhand.com/softreset/index.html, you'll notice the first link on each episode is to listen through your browser. It takes a minute to download, but then you can listen as you are working in your room before or after school. Other links in each episode include other applications and programs, such as Skype, for downloading and using.

Handheld Tip #8 – 8 Queens

The object of this application is simply try to place 8 queens on a standard chessboard so that no queen can attack any other. This means that no two queens can share the same horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. Click once to place a queen, again to erase it. Try to solve the puzzle, then click the check mark to verify your solution. If you get stuck, try putting down a few queens and then click the looking glass to have the Palm complete the solution for you. This can be found at http://www.guid.org/oss/8queens/index.html.

Handheld Tip #9 – Coconut Fern

This is your basic Connect Four game. The strategy is to get four of your counters in a diagonal, horizontal or vertical row. The download can be found at http://www.tucows.com/preview/323929. Great strategy involved in this application - if you can get your kids to look beyond the "game"! :)

Handheld Tip #10 – FreeJongg

The application this week borders on solitaire with tiles. The goal of the game is to clear the board by removing all 144 tiles from the table. Tiles must be removed in pairs. A pair consists of two tiles which both are both free and match each other.
A tile is free when:
- No other tile is lying above or is partially covering it
- No other tile is lying directly to the left or to the right of it

Handheld Tip #11 – Swivel and Beam (Instructional Strategy)

Swivel and Beam is an instructional strategy where students turn and beam to someone, anyone sitting close. This can be done to spread a new application, sharing of documents with "expert" groups (versus "home" groups), peer editing of writing, problem solving, or other explanations. Here's another idea - after beaming has been done for peer editing, have the editor type in all capitals so the original author will have go back and retype corrections or ideas in the correct case.

Handheld Tip #12 – Divide and Conquer (Instructional Strategy)

Divide and Conquer is an instructional strategy where partnered students are each responsible for a portion of what the team needs to complete an assignment successfully. For example, when using handhelds to answer questions when beginning research, one student will get the document with the questions (developed in Docs to Go or FreeWrite) and the other student will get the website resources (through FlingIt). These can be transferred either through hot syncing, you beaming to the students or using Swivel and Beam with the students. Now each student has something different on their handheld, but both are equally important to complete the task. Students will need to communicate with each other, read, help each other with words, etc. As answers are found, keyboards can be used to enter answers and completed documents can be beamed back to you.


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