Shared Resources from Handheld trainings  

Connie's WebQuest about authors. Projects include student developed activities around the multiple intelligences.

Connie's WebQuest What Is It. Students make an animal with adaptations so the animal could survive in Missouri. might be a fun website to follow up the WebQuest with.
  Justine's Colonization WebQuest
  Justine's WebQuest about writing your own Declaration of Independence
  Justine's Searching for Solutions WebQuest where several forms of problem solving are introduced.
  Jan's Energy WebQuest - very kid friendly, good info and activities

Jan's interactive space site - season rotations, among others
  Jan's energy quest - great kid info, activities and "chapters" for gathering info

Jan's author WebQuest - basic info gathering, then develop a trading card about the author

Jan's simple machine site - good for basic info gathering

Amy's planet WebQuest. Appealing to students, good info about planets.

Amy's astronomy site. Great site for info about astronomy - outer space, deep space, solar system, exploration, etc.

Stephanie's Island of the Blue Dolphin WebQuest. An interview of Karana developed into a newspaper article.

 Stephanie's site of poets. Audio of Langston Hughes's poetry.

 Stephanie's Langston Hughes's sites.

 Stephanie's Holes WebQuest


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