Lifting the Text
So exactly how do you "lift the text" at the copier? This document explains how to scan the text and then email it to yourself. Once completed, use the capturing tutorials that follow...
Once you have a pdf (either from the copier/scanner or an online pdf, such as a graphic organizer) this explains how to capture into Notebook. Follow the first example - the easiest way.
It's possible to capture colored text from online readers, such as Pearson's leveled readers. Again, follow the first example - the easiest way. (Need help in general with Pearson SuccessNet online?)
Notebook tricks for text coding
Don't use the green stylus but would like having a stylus as a highlighter? Or maybe just a different color? This document explains how to change the pen try stylus colors.
Following the change of stylus colors, you can also change the stylus menu colors as well to additional colors or highlighters.
Creative and magic styluses - want different or creative ideas for text coding?
Another different idea for spotlighting important information.
Another transparent idea - rectangles for highlighting key or identified words.
An idea for identifying thinking, predictions, ideas, etc.
The single greatest tool SMART has developed! Infinite cloner can be used to clone coding devices - TS (text to self), MI (main idea), V (vocabulary), stars, thought bubbles, transparent rectangles, etc.
My Content
So now you have several features developed and you want to use them often. What do you do with the content you just developed so it's easy to use? Make your own My Content! (You are going to want to do this if you plan to use the same features over and over again.)


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