Numerous resources the Center School District uses within the district can be accessed from home. A list of several follow. Be sure to check out the troubleshooting tips below!
Groupwise Webmail
Infinite Campus Access
H Drive access
Acuity Access
Microsoft Office
SMART Board resources
Center's Moodle
United Streaming Access
Worldbook Online
MOREnet Resources

Having difficulty accessing these resources online? Try some of these troubleshooting tips:
Groupwise Tips
1. To access Groupwise webmail, you will need to access through Internet Explorer. So if you are an AOL user, launch AOL, then launch Internet Explorer and try accessing Groupwise webmail.
2. Turn off all pop-up blockers!
3. You must have a password for your Groupwise account before you'll be able to access it online.
4. Other tips about Groupwise use can be found at a Groupwise Help page.

Infinite Campus Tips
1. The most important tip in getting Infinite Campus to run on your home computer is to ensure you have java running on your computer. If you are unable to open your gradebook, go to and download java. Just follow the directions on the website - it's a safe download!
2. Other tips for using Infinite Campus can be found at the Infinite Campus help page.

H Drive Access at home
1. We haven't had many complaints about not being to access H Drives from home. So if you run across something, be sure to let us know!
2. Probably the trickiest thing about using your H Drive at home is getting documents uploaded back to your H Drive. Here are the directions explaining those steps.

United Streaming
1. First and foremost, you need a United Streaming account! If you do not have an account set up, email Colleen.
2. Did you forget your password? Go to United Streaming. There is a link that says "Forgot your Username or Password" under the log in fields. Click that link and enter your username or email address when prompted. United Streaming will send you your account information.
3. Need help downloading a file? This document will help with just that!

Acuity Tests (Center's Benchmark testing)
1. Did you realize you can assign practice and sample tests even after the Acuity test has been given? You first need your username and password. Talk to your building media specialist or email Colleen.
2. So now, how do you assign practice and sample tests? This document will help you through those steps.

Worldbook Online
1. Do you know the username and password to log onto Worldbook Online from home? You won't need it within the district, but will from home. Contact your building media specialist or email Colleen for the password.

Microsoft Office
 1. Did you know you can checkout a Microsoft Office disk for the 2003 products from your building media specialist? This includes Publisher for those of you who have a Publisher website. Even if you already have Microsoft at home, might as well update it!

SMART Board Resources
1. Download SMART Notebook at home. It's a free download! You will need to download SMART Notebook 10 Download. Email Colleen for the registration key so that it's not just a 30 day trial.
2. Search for premade Notebook lessons for a quick and easy lesson enhancement.
3. Finally, check out these interactive lessons - developed in flash for that extra bit of pizzazz!

1. Center's Moodle can be accessed at
2. You will need to be registered in one of Center's online courses or as a user before you'll have access to Moodle. Contact Colleen if you have further questions.
MOREnet Resources
1. All MOREnet resources can be found at
2. You will be able to access all these resources when inside the district. However, if you want a password for home use, email Colleen.



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