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Beginning of year setup  
1. Attendance
  ~ Elementary 2. Setting Instruction Preferences
  ~ Elementary Specials/Kindergarten 3. Setting Curves
  ~ Middle School 4. Lesson Planner
  ~ High School 5. Gradebook
Sooo - it's grade time. Need any help?  
6. Reports
  ~ elementary help 7. Roster
  ~ middle and high school help 8. Daily Planner
1. Gradebook set up (is everything set up correctly?) 9. Grading by Tasks and Students
  ~  Elementary
  ~  Middle School
  ~  High School
2. Entering grades
3. Copying assignments
4. Printing Student Summary Reports 
5. Posting grades (mid-terms)  
  ~  Elementary
  ~  Middle School  
  ~  High School  
6. Setting up a new semester class (hs/ms)    
Other Frequently Asked Questions . . .
I am missing a student from my gradebook.  

Why are some students listed in red in my gradebook and attendance list?

Why can't I see the gradebook overall percentages in the yellow columns?
What do all those reports do?
How do I print the report card?
My columns grades don't match. What do I need to do? (The green and yellow columns don't match.)
How can I access my grades at home?
How do I adjust overall quarter grades? 
How do I get Technology and Social and Personal Development grades to show on the report card? (Elementary issue)
Where/How do I enter my semester final grade? (High School issue)
I can't enter grades in my grade book.

I am missing a student from my gradebook
  The only fix to this is to let your building secretary know, or call Jim or Colleen.
Why are some of the students in my gradebook and attendance list red?
  The red students are the students who have been dropped by the office. To hide these students, expand your admin folder, select Preferences, and check Hide Dropped Students. You will need to do this for every hour, block or subject before hiding all students listed in red.
Why can't I see the gradebook overall percentages in the yellow columns?
  If you can't see the overall percentage, you have forgotten to indicate the curve for the class. To fix this, go to the Lesson Planner, select the section (hour, block, or subject), then select (by clicking on the text) the Term Q1 Overall Grade (elementary) or Term Q1 Quarter (middle, high school). This will open a Lesson Plan Preference window. Select Regular A-F when you click the drop down menu for the Curve. Be sure to complete this for all quarters!
What do all these reports do?
Here is an explanation of the reports, listed in the order you see them in Infinite Campus.
Attendance Register This report displays the attendance data for each student daily in a grid.
While it is an entire attendance print out, it's not very user-friendly in that only months with no dates are listed.
Attendance Summary This report displays the section attendance summary for each student.
This displays students' total numbers of absences and tardies only.

Blank Spreadsheet

This report creates an empty grid with the students you select and blank column headers. You do the titling, determine the height of the cells, and indicate how many blank cells to include.
Great for any task where you need a list of your students in each class!

Missing Assignments 

This report displays missing assignments per student. You need to flag assignments as missing in the gradebook before printing this report.
You will be able to print one student per page per class/hour. There is no way to print a total list of all students who have missing work on one page.
Roster Label This report displays the roster labels for the enrolled students.
You can print either a guardian label of To Parents/Guardian of with mailing address or a teacher label where each student is listed followed by you as their teacher.
Section Summary  This report displays all selected assignments and students in a grid.
This is the report to print when you are wanting EVERY assignment and students grades to those assignments. (As in printing an actual "hard copy" of your Infinite Campus gradebook.)
Student Assessment Summary This report lists out students' best test results for each selected test.
MAP and other test results.
Student Summary  This report returns per student report of assignments that are assigned to the student along with any scores that the student has received.  
This is the report you want to run for sending student progress/grades home! However, you will only be able to run one class/subject per page.
Teacher Schedule This report displays the teacher's schedule in the current calendar year.
Just incase you don't know your own schedule, or someone else needs it.  
How do I print the report card?
  In the Index column of Infinite Campus, expand (click the plus sign) Grading and Standards, Reports, then Report Card. In the window that opens, select your school under Report Options, your grade level under Grade then click Generate Report. This will generate your report cards in a full class batch. In other words, here you will print all report cards at once. (Here is a document with steps.)
My columns grades don't match. What do I need to do?
  When your grades don't match between the yellow and green columns, in most cases you will just need to repost your grades. ONE CAUTION before doing this! If you adjusted grades (brought an F up to a D, called a 89% an A, etc.) you will need to readjust these grades. So use this tip with caution!
How can I access my grades at home?
  Just go to, log in and enter grades like normal.
How do I adjust overall quarter grades?
  Before you do any adjusting of grades, first you must enter all grades from class assignments. Secondly, you need to post your grades. Now you are ready to adjust your grades. Select Grading By Task then the Overall (subject) Grade. You can also select Grading By Student, select a student and enter grades for a specific student. Either way, this opens a window where you can type in percentage grades, a score and comments for each students’ overall subject grade. Be sure to save often! Do the same for the other subject if you want to change or update grades in those areas as well.
How do I get Technology and Social and Personal Development grades to show on the report card? (Elementary issue)
  The Technology grades along with the Social and Personal Development grades need to be entered in a 4, 3, 2, 1 manner. Jim sent out directions last quarter explaining options for entering these grades. (Please email Colleen or Jim if you need help with this.) The important thing to remember is if you choose to Grade by Student or Grade by Task, you MUST populate the drop down menu with the Above-, Meets-, Below Expectations or Needs Improvement. If this is overlooked, the report card will not print correctly.
Where/How do I enter my semester final grade? (High School issue)
  The grade for your semester final exam should be entered under the Term Q2 Semester Final Exam category. Be sure you have a group made for that category - otherwise you won't be able to add the grade.
I can't enter grades in my grade book.
  You are missing groups for that class. To add a group, open your Lesson Planner, select the class or hour, click the New Group button, name the group (performance event, homework, etc.), give it a weight, and check the categories needed. (Elementaries - this will only be the Overall Grade.)
Report card help for Elementary teachers
Preparing grades for report cards should be done in this order:
1. Enter all quarter grades. (Need help with this?)
2. Enter your comments. There are several ways to enter comments. One way to add comments:
2a. select Term Q3 Comments in your section drop down menu
2b. then select Grading By Task, then Q3 - Teacher Comments
2c. enter comments for each student. Be sure to save often!
3. Post your grades for each subject. Right click the yellow column grades and select Post Grades.
4. Do you need to adjust any grades? (Maybe for those kids with modifications, reading below grade level, etc.) There are two ways to do this:

The easiest way to do this is click the letter grade in the posted green columns and select a letter change from the drop down menu.


The way you might be used to adjusting grades is by going to Grading By Student or Grading By Task, selecting a student or task and adjusting the grade in that view. Both approaches work!
In both 4a and 4b, it is very important that you do not post your grades after adjusting the grades!! This will undo your adjustments and repost with current overall grades in your gradebook.

5. Enter your checks for standards if the student is below grade level. To do this, go to Grading by Task or Grading By Student. Select the correct quarter, then the student/task. Scroll to the standard where the student is below grade level, click the drop down arrow for that standard and select "Needs Improvement". This will show up as an X and be saved on the grade card when it gets printed.


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