Teaching "SMARTer" with your


SMART Board and Notebook overview
- Overview of Notebook
- Gallery content
- Lesson Activity Toolkit


Classroom integrations
Troubleshooting basics
- orientating
- for use of documents other than Notebook
- online, too! Seconday Graphic Organizers and Elementary Organizers

Others still....
- Additional SMART Board ideas


Last minute resources
Additional SMART programs
- Speller and Number Cruncher
Places to download predeveloped lessons
- Review SMART Tech's lessons
- SMART Exchange
- Center's Notebook Templates
- Whiteboard Resources
- Owensville, Gasconade County R-2 Schools 
- Harvey's Homepage
Great places for some of your own Notebook professional development
- http://teachingwithsmartboard.com/
- http://www.getsmartwithsmartboards.com/
- Langwitches Blog
- SMART on Facebook
- SMART on Twitter
Finally, consider the SEE (SMART Exemplary Educator) program
- SEE information

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