Boone enVisions and Math

Notebook tricks

Capturing - The most overlooked Notebook trick!
- Easiest way is a Print Capture. Go to File, Print, select SMART Notebook Print Capture.

Manipulative file

1. Develop a separate Notebook file
2. Put manipulatives in your Gallery! (Back up at end of year...)
3. Let's preview a lesson and share manipulative options. How are they done?
- Shapes and properties
- Number tiles
- Infinite cloner
- Interactive files (random number, dice, random word)

Let's try

Let's try it out
- capture from Pearson SuccessNet
- add a manipulative
- now a vocabulary activity



Last minute resources
Notebook help files

- Capturing from Pearson SuccessNet online
- Gallery list
- Interactive Toolkit
- My Content with your Gallery
Additional SMART programs

- Number Cruncher (shortcut on your desktop)

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