Technology for 2010-2011

SMART Board issues
Does  the SMART Board have a blue screen?  
If so, push the RGB button on your projector remote. 

Does the SMART Board have a black screen? 
If so, right click your desktop, select properties, select the Settings tab, click on the 2 in the middle rectangle.  (The 1 and 2 represent your monitors.  Remember 1 is always your computer monitor and 2 is always your SMART Board.)  Make sure “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor” is checked.  Click OK.

Regardless of how you get your image back, you will need to reorient your SMART Board.

Your SMART Board is not interactive.
If the power light is green and you see an image on your SMART Board, but the board is not interactive, reorient your SMART Board.

Does the orientation screen appear on your monitor instead of your SMART Board? 
Push the space bar on your keyboard.  The orientation screen will move to the SMART Board for your to reorient like normal.


Dual/Mirrored monitors
Switching between the two
Controling where documents are displayed
PowerPoint viewing

Floating toolbar
How to hide it
- Print capture
- Try it out with graphic organizers



Resource reminder
A few of Center's resources
- Center's access to online resources
- YouTube submission
- School Dude use
- Printers


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