Adding Audio to your Notebook lessons

Audio can provide a nice expansion to your Notebook lessons. Added audio features reaches your auditory learner. These files and ideas can provide self-checking activities, multiple step directions, student explanations or even student showcases!

Let's first look at a few examples of using audio in Notebook files. You'll either need speaker or earphones attached to your computer.
- Timmy and Andy Get Lost (Kindergarten illustrations and story telling)
- Student sequencing (Students listen and then sequence first, then, last)
- Students doing their own sequencing (Student recorded audio)
- Vocabulary (self-check for reading sight words)
- Steps in a process (Listen and follow oral directions)
- Algebra problem (6th grade student explains steps in solving an algebra problem)
- Asian countries (self-check for knowing countries in Asia)
Before we get started downloading the software, check to see if it's already on your computer. Follow the directions on this document.
1. The activity for adding audio starts with a download. You will need to download both Audacity and the LAME mp3 encoder. Both are found at
1a. The first download is clicking the Audacity 1.2.6 download. Download like normal - either save the file or just run it to install.
1b. Secondly, download the LAME MP3 Encoder found back on the Audacity page. OR go to and click the link under for Audacity on Windows.
2. Ready to record? Refer back to this document for steps to follow.

Classroom Connection
Here is another great way to reach auditory learners other than by your lectures. This can be a great self-checking feature, demonstrate correct pronounciation, vocabulary, steps in a process, etc, etc.
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