Capturing with Notebook

Capturing allows you to take a document and insert it into Notebook. The purpose is to be able to annotate on the document without loosing your annotations when you scroll down the page or further pages.

1. First let's review how to capture. Open and refer to this document that explains how to capture.
2. Try capturing a Word document from your H Drive. Now experiment with annotating. (For this training, you'll need to use the stylus from the menu bar in Notebook since you are not attached to a SMART Board. Once in your room, use the pen tray styli like normal.)
3. Are you a PowerPoint user? If so, try capturing a PowerPoint following steps on page 2.
*** Something to consider about capturing PowerPoint - do you use the transition feature? You will loose PowerPoint transitions when capturing. So try annotating right in PowerPoint. (Again, for this training you'll need to use the stylus menu in Notebook to annotate.) As the document explains on the second page, it is possible to capture and save your annotations right in PowerPoint.
4. Finally, try capturing a .pdf file. Here are a few sites to try out online graphic organizers:
- (click your content area, then Released Items or Sample Items)

Classroom Connection
This is a great way to make your Word, Excel, PowerPoint or pdf documents interactive within Notebook. Now you can fill out your study guides, worksheets, or brainstorm during your PowerPoint presentations.

How will capturing documents be beneficial to you this school year?
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