Downloading predeveloped Notebook lessons

Why reinvent the wheel? This activity will take you to online locations where Notebook lessons have already been developed. Just download and you are ready to go! However, the purpose of this lesson is to find and adapt lessons to your needs.
- Some pages don't relate to your lesson? Delete them.
- Some lessons don't address your objectives or GLEs? Add pages to the lesson.
- Like the activity? Save the lesson as a template and put your own content in.
1. Go to some of the follow websites.
- Review SMART Tech's lessons
- The SMART Exchange
- Whiteboard Resources
- Harvey's Homepage (all math)
- Center's Templates
- My Computer, Vol2 on Center3, Teacher Resources, SMART Notebook Ideas
2. Download some of the lessons to your H Drive.

Explore the lesson. What needs to be updated to meet your instructional needs? Additions, deletions, alignment to standards?

Want to really impress your adminstrator? Getting observed? Try inserting a title slide with alignments to GLEs, DOKs and lesson objectives. Here's a sample.

Classroom Connection
Using Notebook lessons enhance your instruction. Lessons with manipulations or student activity reach your kinesthetic learners. Lessons with graphics, graphic organizers or video reach your visual learners. Embedded audio will reach your auditory learner.
What other learning styles will be addressed with the lessons you found?
Are your lessons worth sharing with your department/team? Email it to them!

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