The Lesson Activity Toolkit

Lesson interaction means more students actively engaged in your lesson. Greater student engagement will lead to a deeper understanding of concepts. The purpose here is to explore Notebook tools that lead to more interactive lessons.

1. We'll first explore the Lesson Activity Toolkit. Open Notebook then click the Gallery tab. You'll see a category called Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0. Click the plus sign to expand the toolkit.

The best way to explore these interactive options is to select Examples. This will expand predeveloped sample activities using the Lesson Activity Toolkit. Click and drag the sample activities into Notebook and try them out. Notice there is also a category called Games. Expand Games for examples with different games - Hot Spots for geography, crosswords, among others.

I also have a file with mainly Communication Arts ideas. This file also explains how each activity is made.

3. Develop some of your own interactive lessons using these templates. Here are some that were developed over the summer . . . .
- Circulatory System
- State Locations (might take a minute to download)
- Classifying Organisms
- Notes of Fortune
- Instrument Scramble
4. Now try to develop an interactive lesson on your own. All activities will have an Edit button. Click this button and enter the text for your activity. For some it will be the answer and a hint. For others you will need to make sure you have the correct word or date matched up with its definition or event. Finally, is there a self-check option you need to change? Notice some are xs or checks and others are "well done" or "try again".
5. So the activity is developed but how do you activate the activity? After you have entered all your text, click the OK button. The activity is ready to be played. Once all words have been sorted, events put in order or words/phrases have been arranged, click the Check button. This will self-check your activity. Now you can click the Reset button to try the activity again.

Classroom Connection
Even if these are nothing more than a short lesson introduction, they are engaging and will get your students involved in your lesson. And since they are already formatted, it takes very little to develop them, save to your H Drive, and open again for a unit review, MAP prep or just a short warm up activity.

When you use your SMART Board, are your lessons engaging? Do your students interact with the SMART Board? Even if you don't use this type of interaction, how do/can your students interact with your SMART Board?

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