Video in SMART Player

Playing video in the SMART Player offers several instruction options for you while the video is playing. This puts an educational purpose to your video before, during and after you show the video.

1. First, download a short video clip from United Streaming. For the sake of this example, just find a short clip to experiment with.
***Be sure to save the video to your My Documents - NOT your H Drive!***
2. Open the video in the SMART Player. Go to your SMART Board control menu. (It's the icon that looks like a white daisy on a light blue square by your time.) Select Video Player. Go to File, Open and navigate to your video.
3. Now try out the tools.
- Click the stylus. The video instantly stops for clarification/discussion. (The same thing happens when you pick up a stylus from the pen tray.)
- Select a color from the color pallet and annotate on the video. Does your annotation disappear? If not, go to Settings, Video Player and adjust the settings.
- Try capturing with the camera icon. When would this tool be beneficial?

Classroom Connection
Hopefully the connection here is one of instructional approaches to your video use. Not that you didn't have that before! It's just that this player is responsive to what you do with the SMART Board and capturing to Notebook.

When would these tools be beneficial? How could you use the SMART Player to enhance video instruction in your room?
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