Teachers, what follows is a simple explanation of copyright laws and how they apply to the classroom. In Center, we are fortunate to have the amount of classroom technology we do. However, with that fortune comes responsibility. Just because the technology is there, doesn't mean it's legal to reproduce certain forms of media. There are exceptions to rules, so if you have questions, call Regina at 3415, Bruce at 3451, or Colleen at 3357.

What's protected?
Any "original work of authorship" is protected by copyright laws, whether the work is published or not. Having said that, just because there is no copyright notice associated with the work, don't assume it's yours for the taking.
This page is set up to give you a short rule of thumb, what classroom use should look like and how you could potentially be violating copyright laws.

Recorded cable
How do you use cable programs you've recorded whether you record at home or through the cable feed in your classroom?
A good rule of thumb . . .
  Anything recorded from cable should be deleted after 10 days.
(Technically, it should be shown within the first 10 days and you, the teacher, can review it for up to 45 calendar days.)

What classroom use should look like:
  Classroom use should be for an instructional purpose only
You are violating copyright laws if you:
  show recorded shows as rewards, time fillers (recess), or parties.
show the program outside the classroom.
burn to a DVD to take home for your home collection.

This includes any images resulting from Internet image searches, clipart sites, and other images.
A good rule of thumb . . .
  You should NOT instantly click to copy or save any image found on the Internet. Always assume the image comes with a copyright clause and that you will need to obtain permission or pay the subscription before using, especially when adding to your website or other classroom publications.
What classroom use should look like:
  You should always carefully read the Terms of Use. Some sites will let you use the image if you are not earning a profit off your site. Some will not.
You are violating copyright laws if you:
  find images on websites you visit and save them disregarding terms of usage.
using very recognizable images that might have a trademark associated with it (Disney characters, fast food chain logos, foods, drinks, etc.).

Video use
This is any legally purchased video (that you did not record yourself ) shown in your classroom. This includes videos/movies you own or rent. IF your building has purchased a public performance license for videos (not all are covered and a yearly renewal is required) then this would be ok.
A good rule of thumb . . .
  Only use videos in your classroom for an instructional purpose. It does not matter if you own the video or not. You'll notice all movies start with a copyright warning for the movie to be enjoyed during home use.
What classroom use should look like:
  Videos should only be shown for an instructional purpose. They may be shown to support the curriculum that is currently being taught and should be documented in the lesson plan.
You are violating copyright laws if you:
  show videos/movies as rewards, time fillers (indoor recess), parties, or holiday celebrations. 
show videos/movies at PTA events, open house, or child care during these events even if you are not charging for attendance.

Did you know . . .
  Just because you are photocopying for the purpose of teaching, does not automatically mean you are in compliance with copyright laws.
  Some companies require their representatives to report observed copyright violations. This also could be as simple as a parent, another teacher or school visitor noticing the violation.
  All information on the Internet is copyrighted.
  Want more information?
- an eMINTS eTheme on copyright
- Copyright Applies to Everyone from DESE 
- or try your own Internet search

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