These sites have been compiled here because they seem to be kid friendly for classroom projects or research.  
If you know of other sites not listed here, email me - I'll be glad to add them!

Social Studies
Explorers: The Early Years 
Other explorers 
Native Americans
Plains Indians 
More about Plains Indians

Southwest Indians - Apache, Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, Zuni 

Northwest Indians 

How many way to use buffalo  

How the settlers survived
Inside settler's house
School, general store, blacksmith 
Growth of early town
American Revolution
People of the Revolution
Actions leading to Revolution
Who, What and Where (Liberty Kids)
US Mint (click Time Machine)
Oregon Trail  New
All about the trail
On the Oregon Trail
Interesting facts
If you Traveled West on the Oregon Trail

Pioneer Life in America ThinkQuest
Pioneers ThinkQuest
Pioneer Life
Pioneer homes, life, farming
Trails West
Oregon Trail ThinkQuest
IMA Hero Oregon Trail
IMA Hero Santa Fe Trail
Kidport Gold Rush
Westward Expansion
Lewis and Clark
Ben's Guide
City Hall
How does government affect me?
Constitution, Congress, President, Supreme Court
Kidport Government Structure 
Inside the Voting Booth 
US Government for Kids
Electing a President 

Our Country's Documents
Save the Bill of Rights
Important Documents for Kids
Historical Documents - Ben's Guide
Civil War
Civil War Pictionary
Soldier's Life
Civil War for Kids (by kids) 
Flag, Anthem, Statue of Liberty, Bald Eagle
American Icons   
What our Pledge means
Missouri Symbols
Ben's Guide's Symbols

Supply and Demand 

Goods and services
Needs and wants
Resources(human, capital, natural)

On the Resource Trail
Kids' Bank - checks, interest, EFT
A PowerPoint of Economic facts (definitions)
Field trip - library, park, city hall
Community jobs - police, mayor, etc
Landforms of the World
Types of Land
Illustrated landforms (Enchanted Lrng)
F Douglass, T Jefferson, MKL, E Roosevelt
A Earhart, H Keller, R Parks, H Tubman
Amazing Americans
Famous Women 
Famous African Americans
Clothesline Biographies  
Famous Missourians
Search for your own
Enchanted Learning

Internet Public Library   

Biomes of the world
Switch Zoo (more adaptations)
Nature Works
Matter and Energy
Water, Matter, Energy  
Energy Student webpage 
Types of forces
Matter, Energy, and Forces
Three properties of states of matter 

Human Body
The Amazing Human Body
Human Body Adventure
My Body (all parts - not just systems)
Student projects (great for teachers!)
Yucky Science
Magic School Bus
Simple Machines
Simple machine learning site
MI Kids
Ed Heads

The Elements of Machines
Java Applets on Physics
Simple/Complex lab activities 

Levers and Pulleys 

Science Made Simple

ReviseWise BBC Electricity  
Static, electrical circuits
TechTopics: Electricity
Electricity and magnetism

Water Cycle
Kid Zone's Water Cycle

What is water?
Earth's Floor:  Water Cycle
Interactive Water Cycle  

Interactive word scramble quiz  

Discovery at Willow Creek (GLOBE) 
Rocks and Soil
Soiled Again
Types of rocks
History in the rocks
The Dirt on Soil
SKWorm's answers
Rock Cycle Song 
Earth's Floor: Rock Cycle
What type of rock do I have?
How Rock and Minerals are formed 

Identifying Rocks and Minerals 

Geology - Windows of the Universe

The Scoop on Soil
Animal types
Creepy critters - bats, snakes
Animal groups
Animal Kingdoms
Ants, spiders, worms, insects
Kratts' Creatures
Magic School Bus - insects 
Magic School Bus - animals
Nature works - list of animals

Plants and Trees
The Great Plant Escape
Secret Lives of Trees 
A Walk in the Woods
Trees are Terrific
Dichotomous, Deciduous, Evergreen
Biology of plants
Kids for Trees
What is a plant?
Astronomy For Kids
Space and Beyond (NASA Kids)
Solar system and universe
Magic School Bus
Galaxies Galore
Amazing Space
Food Chain/Web
Food Chain PBS
Chain Reaction
The Web of Life (by a garden spider)
What's an herbivore, carnivore, etc.
Nature Works
Atoms and Molecules
Atoms, compounds, mixtures
A model of an atom
The Earth
Geological time
Plate Tectonics
Our World on Stage 
The Environment
Kids' Planet, Defenders of the Planet
Web Weather for Kids - clouds, thunderstorms/tornado, winter, hurricane

Windows to Universe - Thunderstorms

Windows to Universe - Serious weather

Cloud types

Clouds Have Names (GLOBE) 

Mystery of Missing Humming Birds (GLOBE) 

Search for your own

Enchanted Learning
Internet Public Library
Too good to miss!!
Foss interactive activities  
BBC flash activities
Nature Works - a bit of everything!

GLOBE project

Math sites
Addition and Subtraction
Parts of addition
Parts of subtraction
Multiplication and Division
Parts of multiplication
Parts of division
Place Value
Numbers and place value
The Number Line
Place value (interactive tutorial) 

Polygon Basics
Figures and Polygons
Visual Geometry Glossary for kids

Solids and Polygon attributes
Who want Pizza? (Cynthia Lanius)
Fraction tutorials (CoolMath4Kids)
Fraction activities/explanations
PowerPoints about Fractions
Make your own 
Interactive Manipulatives
Center's collections at:
Everyday Math
Virtual Manipulatives
Educational Java Programs
More Java Programs
Create a Graph
Another site to create own
Pie Chart Pam 
Activity for measuring scale  
Estimation of length (interactive tutorial)
Weight and capacity
(interactive tutorial) 
Multimedia glossary
Animated glossary
Problem Solving
PBS Cyberchase

Quiz Hub
Line of symmetry (interactive tutorial)
Search for your own

Enchanted Learning
Activities by strands   
Internet Public Library  

Communication Arts
Reading Aloud Activities
Starfall (Read aloud activities)
Between the Lions
Phonemic awareness
Rhyming, syllables, noun/verb
Short vowels
Comprehension activities
Forms of Writing
Punctuation uses
Writing it Right (proof marks, sentences, etc)
Kinds of sentences
Purpose of a sentence
How to write a sentence
Sentences and parts of speech 


Parts, how to write and kinds
Sandwich chart (graphic organizer) 
How to write a paragraph

Word Study
Parts of speech (antonym, synonyms...)
Wacky Web Tale parts of speech
Grammar Glossary
Adjectives and Adverbs from BBC
8 Parts of Speech
Verbs (be, action, helping)
Project LA (parts of speech, ppts, games)  
Fictional genre studies
Fiction Genre for Young People 
Poetry as We See It
How to write poetry
Magazine sites 
EBSCOHost Resources 

  Oswego's Rdg, Wrtg, Listening (K-4)
Scott Foresman reading
Search for your own
Enchanted Learning

Internet Public Library  

Tips for sentence writing  

Tips for paragraph writing  
Friendly Letter
Write On - Friendly Letters
Friendly Letter Format
Friendly Letter Writing Unit
Five parts of a Friendly Letter
Write On Summary
Write On - Descriptive Writing
Write On - Observation
Looking for Details?
Write On - How To Do Something
Sequence Paragraph
What is expository?  

Expository Writing Prompts  

Narrative writing
Narrative writing - a bit harder
Types of Essays
Narrative Writing Tutorial
Explanation and organization ideas 
Personal Narrative
Personal narrative (parts, prompts, samples)
Evaluation Station  
ABC Teach
How to write persuasive essay
Evaluation Station 

Explanation and organization ideas   
Point of View
Write On - point of View
The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Pronoun Problem - POV
The Importance of plot in stories 
What is Plot?
Graphic Organizers
Tools for rdg, wrtg, and thinking
Education Place
The Biography Maker  
Biography Writer's Workshop  
Read Write Think BioCube 
The Writing Process
5 Step writing cycle
ABCs of Writing (turn on your pop-up blocker!)  
An alliteration game
What's personification
Too good to miss!
Writing Fun

Excel tutorials
School Spreadsheet Safari
The ABCs to Excel 

Things to Graph 
PowerPoint tutorials
PowerPoint in the Classroom
Step by step for several skills 

Using Inspiration
Templates for Word gameboards
Very basic tutorials 

Word and Writing Process  



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