spinning penny
spinning nickel
Show me the money!
spinning dime
spinning quarter

Spending Spree Select a toy then figure which amount of money will be enough to buy it
Pennies, nickels, dimes Adding dimes, nickels and pennies
Pennies, dimes, dollars Adding dollars, dimes and pennies
Converting coins Converting dimes, nickels and pennies
Change Change for a purchase - needs to be stated with dollar signs
Adding money Adding money
Subtracting money Subtracting money
Making change Dollars and coins for change - fill in the grid to determine change
Cash Register Determine change after selecting a level of difficulty
Money match Match money amounts after counting coin values
Flash Cards Self-checking flash cards to determine coin value
Exact Change Select the exact and fewest amount of coins for a given cost
Learn to count money Select number and combination of coins, then count coin pictures to determine total value of coins
Daryl the Dirty Dealer Read this short story, then solve the mystery! (3-5)
The Mysterious Money Trail Read this short story, then solve the mystery! (3-5)
The Troublesome Triplets Read this short story, then solve the mystery! (3-5)
Beekman's Ice Cream Shop Will Ruthie and Max have enough money to buy ice cream? (K-2)
Coin Combinations You select the coin or combination of coins to practice counting.
The Mega Money Project Wow!  This site takes you from one penny to one quintillion pennies as it compares to a human, football field, Empire State Building and the Sears Tower.
A Plus Math Count the amount of dollars and coins
Money Count You select level of difficulty; this site give numerous coins totally over $1.00

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