A World of WebQuests . . .

Missouri History
I'm Lost! - Find your way around Missouri
Monument on the Mall - Laura and Lindsay did this where students build a monument representing one of the three branches of government
Reenact the Oregon Trail - Rachel's class researched life on the trail and develop a skit detailing hardships and the journey
Around the World in 80 Days - Rachel edited this WebQuest that focuses on measuring map distance and world geography and locations
The Bill of Rights - Shelli's Bill of Rights
Welcome to the New Millenium, Osage Indians!
Regional Reporters - Climate, location, economic and tourism report for US regions 
Phil Sly - Mixtures and solutions (soon to be modified for 4th grade by Kathleen)
A New Animal in the Ecosystem - Jane's WebQuest addressing ecosystems, adaptations, food chains
The Puzzler WebQuest (physical science) - a good one to start the year . . .
Trunk Full of Rocks - Ellen's find last year
Picture that Energy - Rachel's summer WebQuest for taking pictures of energy forms
A Day in the Life of a Water Droplet - Going through writing process in journaling water cycle
Simple Machines - Tina's Simple Machine WebQuest
Human Body Corporation - a simple WebQuest where you need to save body organs
Trading Spaces - Design a bedroom using grid paper staying within a budget
Sherri's Geometry WebQuest 
Tasty Economics - CJ did this where students apply economic concepts to create a product, advertise and market this product, create a cost-benefit analysis and determine profit/loss.   
Mrs. Price's Puppy Problem - Colleen's area and perimeter WebQuest
Communication Arts
The Writerly Life - Lindsay's summer WebQuest
Pioneer Poetry - Rachel's modified WebQuest for poetry and the Oregon Trail
For Teachers
Tool Kit for Project-based Classrooms

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