Winter Internet Resources

Online Projects
Santa's Suit After Santa's suit shrinks at the cleaners, you need to design a new suit and write a persuasive letter to convince Santa to wear your original desiged suit!
World Book Online Center's subscription to World Book Online, a great resource with a wealth of information. It is a great site for pictures and articles.
Weather Hunt What is Weather scavenger hunt.
Global Goodwill Holiday Project Get the facts about holidays from around the world. Share your own holiday traditions and goodwill messages with kids around the world in our Holiday Gift Box. Email Colleen if you want help with this!
I Love Winter About everything related to winter you can imagine is here!
Penguins  Lots of sites relating to penguins
Frosty's Birthday Bash Design a new outfit for Frosty and write a persuasive letter to convince him to wear the outfit you designed.
Snowflake Science  The science of snowflakes and snow crystals
Polar Expressions  An online inquiry project around The Polar Express and Santa's Suit combined!
SMART Board activities
Winter Weather Watch Read what experts have to say about winter storms. Look also at an interactive timeline, real accounts, and experiments with storms.
Christmas Magnets Move these Christmas magnets in alphabetical order or spell words. Beware - there are only one of each letter!
United Streaming  Don't forget about United Streaming and Chalkwaves videos!
Seasons Interactive activities - how you can tell it is Winter. Very primary.
Snowflake Designer Design your own symmetrical snowflake
Snow Crystals  Beautiful, incredible pictures of snowflakes!
What should I wear today A Notebook activity to dress for the weather. Thanks to Judy Porter!
(Right click, Save Target As, Save to open the activity!)
eMINTS eThemes - great for teacher resources!
Winter These sites include interactive games in which you can build a snowman or make a snowflake. There is information about winter sports and how animals deal with the winter cold.
Snowflakes and Frost Is it true that no two snowflakes are alike? These sites answer the question as well as discuss how multiple crystals combine to create snowflakes. Learn why frost forms on the ground, scientific experiments for growing snowflakes, instructions on making paper snowflakes, photos from the man who first captured individual snowflakes on film, and movies showing a crystal being formed.
Hanukkah These sites tell about the history and traditions of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah (Chanukah). There are several online games, recipes, print-outs, and more.
Kwanzaa These sites are about the history and traditions of the African-American celebration of Kwanzaa. Learn about the seven principles and the many symbols representing this holiday.
Seasons These websites are about the earth's seasons and why they occur. There are animations, worksheets, interactive quizzes, and lesson plans.
Build a Snowman Build an original snowman as it snows!
Make a Snowflake  Make your own snowflake with this online interactive site.

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