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Several templates on this page are developed only for SMART Notebook Software 10.  If you are still running SMART Notebook Software older than 9.5, I would recommend upgrading to the newer version of SMART Notebook 10.  You'll be amazed with the updates! 
Important Note:  Several of these templates will only work with SMART Notebook 10. If you are not running version 10, you will need to update your Notebook software. Install the SMART Board software version 10. If you try to download these templates and you get a zipped file or a document full of code, you need to update.
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Literature Studies
Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You See?   Colleen McLain
The Very Hungry Caterpillar   Colleen McLain
The Kid in the Red Jacket   Colleen McLain
** Some of these are rather large and might take a bit longer to download.

K - 2 Templates
Coin Identification new Basic coin identification to quarter Colleen McLain
Counting coins to dollarnew Building change amounts to dollar Colleen McLain
Counting Coinsnew Pennies to half dollars, single coins and mixture Colleen McLain
States of matter Activities and explanations for development   Colleen McLain
Living and nonliving Activities for identifying living and nonliving   Colleen McLain
Telling time to the hour A few interactive ideas for time to the hour  Colleen McLain
Calendar ideas A few files for calendar activities  Colleen McLain
Patterns Continues patterns with colored shapes  Colleen McLain
Word Families A starter file for word ending families  Colleen McLain
Counting coins Currently this file only has pennies and nickels  Colleen McLain
Parts of speech Nouns, verbs and adjectives  Colleen McLain
Writing prompts Ideas for sentence completion Colleen McLain
Color identification Use these files to identify the colors. Colleen McLain
Adding Money Template for adding coins and money. AnDrey Strickland, 1
Continents with a song Label/color the continents. Jennie Beck, 1
Friendly Letter Template An idea for a letter template. Jennie Beck, 1
Graphic Organizers Parthenon, recording form, web organizers. Jennie Beck, 1
Ordering Seasons Put the seasons in order   Jennie Beck, 1
Sentence Scramble Unscramble these to make a sentence. Angela Kroeger, 1
Spell that Animal Pictures of animals with infinitely cloned letters. Angela Kroeger, 1
Create a Sentence Sentence with animals. (The ___ can ___.)   Angela Kroeger, 1
Alpha Box  A grid of alphabet boxes for brainstorming, word recognition, etc. Mary O'Leary, K
The letter M Drag "M" words to the "mat" Alice Evans, K
Rhyming Words Match the words that rhyme Alice Evans, K
Opposites Match the opposite pictures Alice Evans, K
Correspondence Match the pictures to the number showing one to one correspondence Alice Evans, K
Spell It Use letters to spell word families, spelling words, vocabulary Nate King, K
What Should I Wear Today? Dress appropriately for each day. Judy Porter, K
Parts of a Tree   Label four main parts of a tree. Judy Porter, K
Community Helpers  Lots of pictures of community helpers! Judy Porter, K
KWL Template   A classic KWL chart.   Judy Porter, K
Food Pyramid  Sort the pictures into the correct location of the food pyramid. Judy Porter, K
Thermometer  Use this thermometer to chart daily temperature. Judy Porter, K
Living/Nonliving   Sort the pictures into living and nonliving categories.   Judy Porter, K
Pet Venn Diagram   Use this triple Venn for categorizing classmates' pets. Shannon Parish, 1
_at Family   Drag letters to make words in the "_at" family. Shannon Parish, 1
Continents   Drag labels to the correct continent locations. Shannon Parish, 1
E and Ch word sort  A Venn Diagram to sort long e and ch pictures. Shannon Parish, 1
Numberline   A numberline for addition/subtraction. Shannon Parish, 1
Power Umbrella The Power Umbrella for writing Kristy Benefiel, 1
Math Function Box An function box with a t-chart for tracking answers Kristy Benefiel, 1
Addition Boxes Addition boxes for steps in addition Kristy Benefiel, 1
Story Block  A graphic organizer for story elements. Julie Yessen, 2
Math Vocabulay   An interactive math solids vocabulary idea! Julie Yessen, 2
OO Words  Sort these oo, ew, and ou spelled words. Julie Yessen, 2
Morning Lesson This template has 6 different morning seatwork activities Rita Statham, 2
Alphabet Match   Match letters to pictures on this alphabet grid.  Angie Kelley, Reading
Tic Tac Toe A Tic Tac Toe board for math and reading games Colleen McLain
Bar Graph A basic bar graph with a scale of two Colleen McLain
Counting Change Coins to count amounts or make change Colleen McLain
Little Red Riding Hood Use the slide sorter to sequence the story. Colleen McLain
Other settings/characters Use this collection file with clipart and backgrounds to develop your own stories. Colleen McLain
Shape Sorting An organizer with various sorting activities.  Colleen McLain
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 3 - 5 Templates
Making change from purchase new Making change from purchase, up to $5.00 Colleen McLain
More making change new Making change up to $10.00 Colleen McLain
Place Value Interactive PV charts from tens to millions   Colleen McLain
12 Powerful Words Larry Bell's 12 Powerful Words   Jan Comstock, 5
State Location State location game (takes minute to download) Jan Comstock, 5 
Problem Solving An organizer for problem solving. Jan Comstock, 5
Circulatory System Complete this crossword about the Circulatory System Jan Comstock, 5
Classifying Organism  An activity showing order of oganisms   Jan Comstock, 5
Flash Samples This is just a file of the sample activities available in the Lesson Activity Toolkit from SMART.  Colleen McLain
Flash Solids A flash file of the original solids file. Colleen McLain
Making Change An activity for counting back change.   Colleen McLain
Rainforest (Kapok Tree) Picture, sounds and maps of rainforests Connie Jones, Media Specialist
Adding same denominators Fraction parts equaling one whole. (Then use the adding unlike denominators below!)  Jane Westring, 4
Adding unlike denominators Use circle fraction pieces to add unlike denominators equalling one whole  Jane Westring, 4
Make a square Use the tangram pieces to make a square Jane Westring, 4
Synonym/Antonym A template for your own synonym/antonym practice  Jane Westring, 4
Alphabetical order A template for practicing alphabetical order   Jane Westring, 4
Animal Classifications Herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, decomposers  Jane Westring, 4
Geometry Vocabulary  An interactive vocabulary practice using flash files.  Jane Westring, 4
Plant parts  A great way to practice vocabulary!  Anonymous, by wish of the teacher!
Bar Graph A generic bar graph  Robbie Ivers, 3
Sequencing Key words and structures for sequencing writing Darlene Brandtonies, 3
Equivalent Fraction  Whole, half and fourth square fraction pieces  Darlene Brandtonies, 3
Fraction numberline   Place given fractions, percents and decimals on a numberline Colleen McLain
Fact and Opinion Use the statements or add your own! Linda Kirby, 3
Solid, liquid, gas  A matter Venn and sorting activity. Kathy Hurley, 4
Fiction/Non-fiction  A T-Chart categorizing fiction/nonfiction elements. Kathy Hurley, 4
Lattice Multiplication A lattice array for multiplication Laura Short, 4
2 x 1 lattice multiplication A lattice array for multiplication Laura Short, 4
3 x 1 lattice multiplication A lattice array for multiplication Laura Short, 4
2 x 2 lattice multiplication A lattice array for multiplication Laura Short, 4
3 x 2 lattice multiplication A lattice array for multiplication Laura Short, 4
3 x 3 lattice multiplication A lattice array for multiplication Laura Short, 4
Beginning Division Hangman game for mental math Ellen Pittman, 4
Column Addition A grid for addition to 100s Ellen Pittman, 4
Problem Solving Matrix An organizer for matrix problem solving Ellen Pittman, 4
Name Collections Given a number, how many combinations can you make to equal it? Tanya Coach, 4
Cause Effect Template A template for cause and effect Tanya Coach, 4
KWL Chart A template for a KWL Tanya Coach, 4
Timeline A timeline for adding your own events Tanya Coach, 4
Unit of Study Lesson introducing unit of study, ending by leading into actual unit of study. Great for all levels! Justine Schmitz, 5
Sentence Lesson A lesson outlining sentence types with practice. Justine Schmitz, 5
Noun Review A review activity for common and proper nouns. Justine Schmitz, 5
Aztec/Inca T-Chart Classic T-Chart with bullets for ideas. Justine Schmitz, 5
Characterization  A star diagram for describing and making connections with characters. Justine Schmitz, 5
Cause Effect Table  An graphic for organizing cause and effect from stories. Justine Schmitz, 5
Adverbs   Drag adverbs to descriptive categories. Stephanie Damron, 5
Continents and Oceans   Drag labels to the correct locations on a map. Stephanie Damron, 5
Fraction Matrix   A matrix to display equivalent, decimals and percents.  Stephanie Damron, 5
Nouns/Verbs   Categorize nouns and verbs into this T-Chart.   Stephanie Damron, 5
Picture Puzzles   Picture puzzles illustrating common sayings.   Stephanie Damron, 5
Vocabulary Card   Give the part of speech, definition, synonym and sentence for vocabulary.  Stephanie Damron, 5
Dot Arrays  

Create a dot array for multiplication problems. 

Amy Meirowsky, 5
Divisibility Venn   Sort numbers divisible by 2 and/or 3 into this Venn.  Amy Meirowsky, 5
Equivalent Fractions   Sort fractions into equivalent fraction categories.   Amy Meirowsky, 5
Problem Solving   Invert this triangle in three moves. Amy Meirowsky, 5
Roll of Thunder Character traits for Roll of Thunder.  Amy Meirowsky, 5
Plot Map A plot map for stories Fran Reilly, 5
C.O.P.S. A practice lesson in editing writing using COPS Fran Reilly, 5
Story Map A story map used to analyze story parts with students. Connie Thomsen, 5
Menu Lesson to encourage healthy eating, a math component to add calories, carbs & protein (has links to on-line calorie counting sites) Connie Thomsen, 5
September Words Mini lesson on language and vocabulary using "September" Connie Thomsen, 5
Elected Officials (MO) An interactive lesson to have the students identify elected officials. Connie Thomsen, 5
Multiplication Wheel Students will use this to practice multiplication. Connie Thomsen, 5
Dictionary A Notebook activity practicing dictionary skills Connie Thomsen, 5
Divisibility Chart A chart for determining divisibility Jan Comstock, 5
Problem of the Day template A background template for the problem of the day.  Connie Isbell, PEGS
Timed Test Progress Use this to time and chart progress of timed tests.  Connie Isbell, PEGS
Computer parts Label each part of a computer  Connie Isbell, PEGS
How are you feeling? A chart for student self-monitoring of feelings  Connie Isbell, PEGS
Olympics A lesson activity with the summer Olympics Jeanne Jewell, PEGS
Guide Words An interactive lesson using dictionary skills. Sharon Sumner, Sullivan, MO
Dominoes   Interactive dominoes for manipulatives Sharon Sumner, Sullivan, MO
Clothes Combinations Shirts, pants and hats for clothes combinations Colleen McLain
Solids Matching solids with riddles, then try your own!  Colleen McLain
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Middle School Templates

Scale and Models  A lesson for pre algebra for scale and models Deb Friesz
Figures  A lesson for pre algebra with figures Deb Friesz
Expressions and Equations   A lesson for pre algebra for expressions and equations Deb Friesz
Patterns  A lesson on recognizing patters in pre algebra Deb Friesz
Frayer Model A template for new vocabulary. Aleksandra Orzechowski, Math
Real Numbers An organizer showing the relationship of numbers. Aleksandra Orzechowski, Math
Slope Positive, negative, undefined or zero slope   Aleksandra Orzechowski, Math
Same Slope Random points solving for same slope. Aleksandra Orzechowski, Math
Computer Vocabulary Given a picture, use audio or self checking feature to aid with computer vocabulary Mauranda Douglas, Skills Builder
Pieces of Pie Use the letter combinations to make 6 words  Susan Korth, Comm. Arts
Double Take  What are the missing double letters?  Susan Korth, Comm. Arts
Prefix and Suffix Use root words then self check. Susan Korth, Comm. Arts
Words in a Round Each circle spells a word - where does it start?  Susan Korth, Comm. Arts
Variables Fill in each shape with a variable to solve the equation Joyce Stokes, Science
Science Lab Materials  Match the name of these lab materials   Joyce Stokes, Science
Cell Labels   Label the parts of the cell   Joyce Stokes, Science
Power Writing A graphic organizer for Power Writing Bambi Frailey, Comm. Arts
Writer's Workshop  Stumped for what to write about? Use this guide to brainstorm ideas with your students! Monica Blair, Comm. Arts
Cause and Effect  A student developed interactive lesson! Monica Blair, Comm. Arts
"My" Character Web  A great way to use an organizer but replace characteristics with your own! Monica Blair, Comm. Arts
13 Colonies Label the colonies Bill Langholz, Soc. Studies
Primary and Secondary sources An activity for identifying Primary and Secondary sources. Great for all levels! Deanna Maddox, Soc. Studies
Continent Review A review of continents - move the continent to self check!   Deanna Maddox, Soc. Studies
Religion Comparisons Religion traits for the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans.   Deanna Maddox, Soc. Studies
Country Studies An organizer for country research- famous people, religions, geography, etc.  Pam Forson, Social Studies
Government/Checks and Balances An organizer for illustrating the Checks and Balances.   Pam Forson, Social Studies
Castle Defense Label weapons and defense positions of a castle Larry Matson, Soc. Studies
What makes a square Complete this square and then figure "the cost" of each section  Kent Pedersen, Math
Add, subtract and multiply integers Use the color counters for addition, subtraction and multliplication of integers Carole Shaw, Math
Least Common Denominators A flow chart for finding the Least Common Denominator Carole Shaw, Math
Adding Integers   +1 and -1 for adding/subtracting - great for all levels!  Scott Schuman, Math
Intro to Graphs   A pictorial reference of different types of graphs.  Scott Schuman, Math
Coordinate Graph A coordinate graph with the four quadrants.   Scott Schuman, Math
Area   Pictorial references with area formulas. Scott Schuman, Math
Multiplying Variables   Visual representations of variables for multiplication.  Scott Schuman, Math
Four Square Vocabulary A vocabulary chart with definitions, non-examples among others Nicole Walker, Math
Probability A Notebook lesson on probability definitions and examples Nicole Walker, Math
Integer Adding -7 to 7 number line for adding integers Rick Gamble, Math
Decimal Place Value A place value line from thousands to ten thousandths Rick Gamble, Math
Function Table Function table for input/output x/y Rick Gamble, Math
The Difference Game A Notebook activity with directions for The Difference Game Rick Gamble, Math
Metric Stairsteps A visual for metrics from kilo to milli Rick Gamble, Math
Multiplication Algebra Tiles Algebra tiles and grids for multiplication Rick Gamble, Math
Character Attributes   Character web-how a character acts, feels, looks and says Linda Innes, ELL
Beginning Keyboarding A Notebook activity for learning the basics of keyboarding Meredith Barthol, Media
Keyboard A picture of a keyboard - great for keyboarding skills! Meredith Barthol, Media
"Smart" Expectations A list of "Smart" classroom expectations Meredith Barthol, Media
Information Matrix A matrix grid for comparing or collecting data Colleen McLain
Triple Venn Diagram A Venn Diagram with three overlapping circles Colleen McLain
Body Systems Label each part of the body system Colleen McLain
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High School Templates

Force Diagrams These diagrams illustrate various forces. Mario Sherrell, Science
To Do An organizer for daily classes.   Mario Sherrell, Science
Avoir or Etre? An activity for avoir and etre. Ashley Duff, French
Paragraph Writing An organizer with French transition words. Ashley Duff, French 
Conjugating French Verbs Activities on verb conjugation. Ashley Duff, French 
French Adjectives Lesson on adjective use   Ashley Duff, French
Blakeney Blocks Essay pre-writing/brainstorming graphic organizer Nikki Blakeney, Comm. Arts
Optic Strategy An organizer to analyze visual aids Nikki Blakeney, Comm. Arts
Women's Movement Venn  Compare Women's Movement between 1920 and 1960  Nikki Blakeney, Comm. Arts
Accent mark keystrokes A pdf file of the keystrokes for accent marks  Colleen McLain
Equation Editor Not a Notebook template, but using the Equation Editor has a lot of applictions for SMART Board use  Colleen McLain
French speaking countries In Europe  Dana Mardock, French
French speaking countries In western Africa  Dana Mardock, French
French speaking countries In northern Africa  Dana Mardock, French
French speaking countries In central Africa  Dana Mardock, French
Governments  Categorize words dealing with American, Roman and Greek governments Ray Hill, Transition Teacher
Stages of Pregnancy  Stages of pregnancy and the path of fertilization Kate Robey, FACS
Food pyramid review An introduction of the new food pyramid    Glenda Collins, FACS
Place Settings Practice correctly setting the table  Glenda Collins, FACS
Classification Notes  An organizer for categories, ideas and information.  Lisa Williams, Comm. Arts
Effective Paragraphs  Objectives, highlighting sentence parts including a visual of paragraphing. Lisa Williams, Comm. Arts
The 15 Sentence Portrait  Follow these guidelines for and introductory written self-portrait Lisa Williams, Comm. Arts
Guided Reading Silent and active organizer from facts to thinking further. Lisa Williams, Comm. Arts
Plot Mountain Chart elements of a story plot. Lisa Williams, Comm. Arts
Action Verbs   This activity reviews action verbs and direct objects.   Kathy Chirpich, Comm. Arts
Transitive Action Verb   An organizer for subject, verb, direct object identification.   Kathy Chirpich, Comm. Arts
Transitive Passive Verb   An organizer for subject, linking verb and past participle identification. Kathy Chirpich, Comm. Arts
Transitive Action Venn   A Venn organizer for subject, verb and direct object description. Kathy Chirpich, Comm. Arts
Famous People A picture of the President, Hillary Clinton, add your own! Beth Heide, Social Studies
Why Government Everyone has a responsibility toward government - good for all levels! Beth Heide, Social Studies
Quadrant Graphing Notes/explanations of graphing in the four quadrants. Tamatha Leuschen, Math 
Polygon Properties Activities for sorting polygons. Tamatha Leuschen, Math 
Quadrilateral Sort  An visual organizer for identifying quadrilaterals.  Tamatha Leuschen, Math
Waves Light and sound waves Sara Scott, Science
Punnett Square A simple punnett square Sara Scott, Science
Lab Report A template for recording an experiment. Great for any level! Gwen Galloway, Science
Photosynthesis  Label graphic with movable equation. Gwen Galloway, Science
Experimental Procedure An organizer for the scientific process. Gwen Galloway, Science
Cell Cycle Draw the phases of a cell cycle. Gwen Galloway, Science
Character Attributes   A character web for how a character acts, feels, looks and says Linda Innes, secondary ELL
Escenas Geograficas Geography for Spanish practice Tessy Imperiale, Spanish
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Specials Classes Templates

Art Of Fortune  Art themed Wheel of Fortune game   Laurie Bryson, primary art
Mixing colors Use of transparency to combine colors. Laurie Bryson, primary art 
First Day Example of first day introduction in an art room. Laurie Bryson, primary art
Add and Subtract values Practice value recognition with this addition and sbutraction activity. Kami Farrie, MS music
Composer Organizer An organizer for studing musical composers. Kami Farrie, MS music
Instrument Scramble   Unscramble the instrument given the clue Kami Farrie, MS music
Notes Of Fortune  Music themed Wheel of Fortune game   Kami Farrie, MS music
Valentine Rhyme Given a phrase, students complete it making it rhyme. Great for any level! Earline Harris, primary sped
Matching Game Match the sight words with their picture. Earline Harris, primary sped
Halloween Night Use this fun approach for problem solving! Earline Harris, primary sped
Snow Fun Find the words ending in "ow". Earline Harris, primary sped
Noun/Pronoun Practice A t-chart for sorting nouns and pronouns Earline Harris, primary sped
Common/Proper Nouns A mini-lesson for identifying/recording common and proper nouns. Linda Innes, secondary ELL
Temporary/Lasting Communications A table for organizing types of communication. Linda Innes, secondary ELL
Temporary/Lasting Communication Sorting idea for types of communication. Linda Innes, secondary ELL
Why do we Communicate A table to identify why we communicate. Linda Innes, secondary ELL
Why do we Communicate Sorting idea for types of verbal/nonverbal communication. Linda Innes, secondary ELL
Verbal/Nonverbal Communication  A table for organizating forms of communication. Linda Innes, secondary ELL
Common Proper Nouns A table for sorting. Linda Innes, secondary ELL
Sounds S and T   This T-Chart will categorize S and T sounds. Mary O'Leary, primary ELL
Graphic Organizers Writing graphic organizers captured from pdf files. Mary O'Leary, primary ELL
Homophones   Match pairs of homophones. Mary O'Leary, primary ELL
Synonyms   Give a synonym for a provided word. Mary O'Leary, primary ELL
Wellness Triangle   An organizer showing the balance of being healthy Don Bauml, PE
Character Attributes   A character web for how a character acts, feels, looks and says Linda Innes, secondary ELL
Note Tree Match the musical notes and rests Morgan Tyler, music
Rhythm Table A blank table for comparing rhythms Morgan Tyler, music
Rhythm Questions Use these questions for information about specific notes Morgan Tyler, music
Rhythm Patterns Make a rhythm to be used in class Morgan Tyler, music
Plus Delta A t-chart for reflection on class/partner activities Susie Frost, counselor
Career Family Tree Female Graphic organizer showing influences on interests for career planning Susie Frost, counselor
Career Family Tree Male Graphic organizer showing influences on interests for career planning Susie Frost, counselor
Making and keeping friends A graphic organizer to use with the book How to Lose All Your Friends by Nancy Carlson. The lotus diagram allows students to develop ideas on making and keeping friends. Susie Frost, counselor
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Teacher's Resources

Sticky Notes An example of using Sticky Notes in Notebook Colleen McLain
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Unsure of what version you are running? Open Notebook, go to Help, About SMART Notebook, then select the Technical Support tab, and look at the Build number.
Need to upgrade to SMART Notebook Version 9.5? Uninstall your current version of Notebook, then go to SMART Tech's site and download version 9.5. Don't forget the Essentials for Educators download - it's all the clipart and galleries!
Mac Users: First, let me say that I'm not a Mac user, but a common problem seems to do with the templates not downloading, displaying code or needing to be unzipped. This has to do with the template trying to open in the same window as your browser. Assuming you are using Safari, open the browser, go to Preferences, then select the General tab, under download files to (location), uncheck open/save files after opening and then check open link in new window after opening.
Another Mac idea from Chris Klein of SMART Technologies - when downloading a file, it will list as (for example): expectations.notebook.zip. Rename the file and remove the last .zip and it will then work as a .notebook file.  

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