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The Process

This is the process you and your partner will need to go through.  Remember, Mrs. Price wants a final design of her backyard along with the cost of the fencing so Mr. Price can begin building the fence.

Here is your process:

Print off the landscape design of Mrs. Price's backyard.  (You only get one, so might want to use graph paper to do practice work!)  Once you have the landscape design printed, figure with your partner the greatest area for the puppy but with the smallest perimeter.  (Mrs. and Mr. Price don't want to spend too much money on a fence!)  Your fence does not need to go to the edge of the yard but the area for the puppy needs to be at least 220 square feet but no larger than 270 square feet.  Be sure to work around the tree, flowers and bushes in Mrs. Price's yard.

After the area is done, figure the perimeter so Mr. Price can buy the fencing. 

Next you will need to figure the cost of the fencing per foot.  Go to the following fencing store sites to figure the cost of the fencing.  Since you want to tell Mr. Price which store he should go to for the cheapest fencing, you will need to visit all the sites.
Hoover Fence Co.
Your Fence Store

Then write a two paragraph friendly letter to Mrs. Price.  Be sure to use the correct letter format with transition words.
1.  In the first paragraph explain how you found the best area and perimeter for the fence.  (You could  explain to Mrs. Price what didn't work and then what you had to do to find what worked best.)
2.  The second paragraph should include the steps you took to find the cost of the fencing.

Finally, you will present the landscape design and letter to Mrs. Price when our project is done.